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    Leaving Your Car At Eze

    Done it a few times no problems what so ever.
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    Would Life Here Be Easier If I Didn't Read This Site?

    answering the question I would have to say yes!
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    Lawyer Recommendations

    Hi. I'm starting a company here in Buenos Aires and would like to know if anybody could recommend a good but honest lawyer who could guide me with the legal side of things. Thanks!!!
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    I see this site hasn't changed!! Nearly every discussion turns into Politics!!
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    Newtown, Ct School Shooting

    This is terrible news. I know he might have had a mental illness but do we blame this or is it time that the US look at the number of guns in the hands of the public.
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    Worse Trafffic?

    1. Could be that Subway strikes lead to more car usuage or has people thinking "I'll take the car just in case the subway isn't working later" 2. Rich people getting richer? Possibily. Still, they were never big fans of Public Transport anyway. Usually travel to their offices in massive cars...
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    Prefectura Protests

    So you want to speak for everybody on this site by saying that no one is interested in this BS! Reek of towing the party line? What did you start the post for anyway? I'm not disagreeing with anyone on this site and the general feeling of the postings were that no one was really sure what is...
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    Prefectura Protests

    It smells very fishy to me. The fact that some people could be rubbing their hands with pleasure is even more sickening!! They were paid in the end but they keep protesting!
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    Govt. opening safety deposit boxes.

    What are the sources? This site is becoming more silly by the day.
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    CFK Avoids Answering Questions - Harvard

    I'm not sure if she avoided answering the questions, I think she was more suprised of the level of questions that some students had prepared (or had prepared for them). I think if you are invited to talk at Harvard you do expect better questions than the ones she got.
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    Link to CFK Harvard event.

    Surely you would only be worried if you weren't paying the taxes that you had to.
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    Link to CFK Harvard event.

    What's wrong with the Afip? Why are some people so scared of the Afip?
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    AFL Grand Final 2012

    Sugar Bar in Palermo Soho. Check them out on Facebook. They are promoting the event on their wall.
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    she makes me sick already...

    Quite childish on my side I must admit but I was just following the flow of the previous postings!!! I mean what I read before I posted was pretty immature stuff too! "i might get a "warm" welcome from AFIP dogs" "She wasnt able to pay or threaten the bodies to applaude there" "on the...
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    she makes me sick already...

    So many quotes to choose from!! Firstly nobody is threatened to applaud her in Argentina. How many people have actually seen Cristina speak live in person? Quote :"Also don't be bad mouthing my country while you in it spending all our hard earned dollars!" :( What kind of comment is that? Why...