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    International band of gringos, tonight in palermo

    Hey ya'll, The 1060s ( are playing tonight in Palermo, at Quiroz Resto/Bar 1510 Malabia (y Gorriti). We'll be playing our own brand of indie rock dance electro soul, and some funky originals for good measure. Come out and support us - if there's a good turnout, we'll be...
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    Youth Hostel Needs Bilingual Receptionist

    Are they offering a workstay? I am arriving on January 4 into B.A. and would happily work a few hours a day for a room. Speak English, Spanish, and a little Portuguese
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    Arriving soon... flowers?

    thanks all
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    Arriving soon... flowers?

    Ciao, I'm a musician moving down to Buenos Aires in the next few months. Fell in love with an amazing portena and coming down there to be with her and make a way for myself. I'm not going to be there for a few more months, but I was wondering if there is any way I can send her flowers? I'd...
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    I'm a jazz musician currently living in the Midwest United States, and I plan to be moving to Argentina in the next few months. I am a drummer, percussionist, and a vocalist. I'm wondering what the scene is like in BA? If there are very many jam sessions (if any) and how approachable everyone...