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    New Comer in Need of Root Canal and Crown in BA!!

    I had a root canal here and I'm doing fine. The dentist's equipment was more modern than my dentist in the states. My dentist here is a generalist, she did not preform the root canal, instead she had a specialist come to her office. When she gave me the injection to numb me, I didn't even feel...
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    New Comer in Need of Root Canal and Crown in BA!!

    my advice would be to: search this site more for previously recommended dentists, take the recommendations above and spend a day just going to the offices, meeting the dentists, asking about how the procedure is done here and get quotes from all of them. yes, it takes time to do it this way...
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    English teacher wanted

    I have some private students who I can no longer teach and I would like to recommend another English teacher to them. 3 are high intermediate levels. They want and need a teacher who will help them improve their business English vocabulary. (i.e. practice interviews, role playing a sales /...
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    Dinner Ba Expats Wednesday Aug 12 at 9pm

    please add me to the list too.
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    i'd love to go. which day are you planning on going? here are 2 places and their schedules: Sudaca only has salsa on Sundays and Wednesdays La Viruta has both salsa and tango on Fridays. It's not just salsa.
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    TEFL programs

    i can recommend Oxford Seminars:
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    Airport exit taxes

    I flew out of B.A. on July 13th. The woman at the ticket counter told me I did not have to pay the tax. (I booked my ticket with and flew on United (if that's of any help))
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    Hello from Chicago - Tennis in English?

    I flew to B.A. twice on a one-way ticket and I didn't have any problems. Through this forum I read that "Delta" doesn't allow one-way travels to B.A. When I flew "American Airlines" the first time, no questions were asked. This last time when I checked in through one of the "United"...
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    Out of ordinary advise?

    I can recommend the Oxford Seminars TEFL certification (in the U.S). It's not expensive, it's quick and you learn a lot: You can find peanut butter here, it's just comes in a smaller jars and it's more expensive. My only advice would...
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    Immigration Lines/Renewing with Kids/Kids Leaving Country with One Parent

    to renew a tourist visa at Migraciones: 1. what time should get in line? (the recommended time) 2. what documentation should i bring, besides my passport 3. is there a specific line i need to stand in? thank you in advance for the info.
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    Nice Places to Eat for Under 20 pesos

    Can anyone recommend a place to eat lunch in Centro under or around 20 pesos? (something other than pasta, pizza, empanadas? maybe Columbia, Peruvian, Mediterranean...)
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    Any advice for newcomers?

    i also recommend you come with a nice savings (just in-case money). before moving here i didn't think i'd touch my savings account after the second month, but i was wrong. i also thought i'd find work quicker (teaching english). also, i get paid in pesos, but rent a room in dollars. even...
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    priv.bdrm in shared apt. in palermo botanico

    I'm looking for another girl to share my apartment with. It will just be the two of us. I'm American. I moved here 6 months ago to teach English. I teach 5 days a week, in the mornings and evenings and I typically come home for lunch. On the weekends I like to go to cafes, movies and dinner with...
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    Getting to Ezeiza

    For just 10 pesos more (40 pesos total) you can take Manual Tienda Leon airport shuttle. It leaves every half hour (but not sure of the starting time). It's located next to San Martin Square / Sheraton Convention Center. From what I hear it's much quicker than taking the colectivo to the...
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    Wanting to teach English

    I'm teaching English in B.A right now and I agree with jp's comment. Save some money up before you come to tide you over. It will take some time for you to get a full schedule and you won't be paid until the end of the month...and sometimes later than that. It's true that schools won't call...