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    Yoga Classes in BsAs..10 years experience

    Hi I am Ivy/Yoga Girl...I have been living and teaching yoga in BsAs for four years now...I teach Vinyasa Style Yoga with Anusara Alignment principles. I am available to teach private as well as group classes.
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    Remodled apt in Recoleta

    can you let me know how much and where? I am currently in Recoleta but on Rodrigues Pena...too much traffic...thanks
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    Have a Mac? Need help? Call the MacDaddy!

    Mac Daddy Rocks!! Thank the lord he is here in BsAs...Fixed my Mac, cleaned things up...set everything straight...Great technician, great guy!! Reasonable prices! I highly recommend Josh!!
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    The resto Taj Majal has really good ones..been to India...they are very good...
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    Band looking for a Singer (Caballito)

    Hola Diego, My name is ivy. I am a professional singer from nyc. I sing jazz, blues, pop and soul. I have had two record deals. You can hear my covers and original songs here: I am currently perfoming acoustic shows with a guitarist. I would love to...
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    Starting a Bi-Weekly Yoga Class in Palermo

    Hola, We are a group of three looking for two more yoga enthusiasts to join our group. We are meeting on Mondays and Wednesdays at 7pm in Palermo. The style is Vinyasa with Anusara Alignment principles. Please get in touch for more info., address, cost etc... Namaste, ivy...
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    English Teacher Wanted

    I have a TEFL degree and have been teaching for 3 years here...I have references of my students is an under secretary of Economy here....feel free to e mail me un beso ivy
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    Expat Documentary Film

    Hi Ariel, I love the idea and I would love to be involved..NY transplant...moved here three years ago...teach yoga, ingles, and sing jazz....things are getting a bit tough here with high inflation for sure but it's a wonderful city full of smart, artistic and spiritual people...I look forward...
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    Hola - London Lass trying to meet some peeps

    Hi, I have been here for a couple of years from NYC...feel free to give a shout...I am in Recoleta...I teach yoga and give Ayurvedic massage sessions...un beso ivy
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    Exercise in BA ...without subtitles

    I teach yoga in English. I have been teaching for 9 years. Specialize in Vinyasa, Anusara, Pranayama as well as Pre-Natal...besos ivy
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    Looking for tennis partners...

    i have not played regularly in years but fixed my raquet bought some shoes and I am ready to roll...
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    Message Therapy and Yoga Instruction

    Certified Massage Therapist and Yoga Instructor available. Private instruction in Vinyasa style yoga with Anusara based alignment. A combination of Swedish , Shiatsu and Ayuvedic massage...Recoleta Area. Also offering a weekend wellness retreat at an Estancia in Junin. E mail...
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    Missing bagels?

    I was missing Bagels and seached for a while and found a bakery that makes them...they are just OK...I am thrilled that someone is taking the time to make a very difficult bread...I will try them...
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    Immigration Lines/Renewing with Kids/Kids Leaving Country with One Parent

    so kate let me get this straight as I have over stayed my visa. I got sick of going to went to immigrations and were told to pay at the airport? $300 pesos?
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    Whole bean coffe?

    OK...I Have a great place I buy whole beans on Caceros between Solis and Entre Rios. They roast their own beans. The coffee is from Brazil and it's reasinable..I'ts called Caravana and the good cafes use their beans. It's Caseros 1945 they are open until one and then 3-6 or 7 500 g bag is $22...