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    Spanish resources

    Hola a todos So, I'm looking for places that sell Spanish learning books/audio stuff. I know of Voces del Sur, and clearly it's a very good business, but I was wondering if anyone knows others. I'm particularly looking for resources for studying for the DELE (even online ideas would be...
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    Chinatown Bakery

    I was wondering if there are any bakeries in Barrio Chino (or even a supermarket) that sells chau siu bau. For those that might not recognize the name, it's the 'barbecue'-style pork-filled buns. They are very famous in the Chinatowns of New York and Boston, and I would love to encounter them...
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    Lamb and Indian Bread

    Hmmm.. who knew indian food and lamb could inspire an argument. Calm, people. The only misspelling was "nan" = "naan" (not English). Both are accepted in American English, because "a" is pronounced the same as "aa" unless the short a is being exaggerated. Anyway, I appreciate the list of...
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    Lamb and Indian Bread

    Yeah, I don't hold much hope for the bread! But thanks for trying to find out about the lamb.
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    Lamb and Indian Bread

    This board has been very useful! I need a few suggestions! So, there's this allegedly famous patagonian lamb. Is it possible to get it from a butcher in Capital Federal? If not, where is the best lamb from a butcher? (I do live in Recoleta, so not TOO far from there, please) Also, does anyone...
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    public libraries?

    So are the public libraries, like the one in Recoleta, similar to the states? That is, "browsable"?