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    BA Herald

    I read that the Herald was sold to Argentine buyers (it was previously owned by a company from South Carolina) and that the editor of 40 years resigned. The Herald has long been very independent in its editorial policy. I hope it stays that way. Does anyone know just what led to the sale?
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    What's happening with Aerolineas / Ezeiza

    What is happening with Aerolineas? Apparently they are having some labor problems and a lot of flights are being cancelled. They don't answer their phones. Anyone have any information? I know that there are labor problems at Ezeiza affecting all airlines but it seems Aerolineas has its own...
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    Why don't Portenos know the words "I'm sorry"

    Has anyone noticed how seldom you hear these words in BA? People seem very reluctant to admit that they ever make mistakes. I find this very frustrating. Why is this?
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    Will the expat invasion end?

    With high inflation in just about everything and jobs hard to get, I am wondering how long people will keep coming here to live as expats. Will the expats who are here stay?