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    In defense of tourists

    Occasionally I pick up on a bit of scorn in the tone of some people's posts toward 'tourists,' aka people who come to Argentina to live for a year or two or three. I am back in the U.S. for the time being, but having been one such tourist with the perspective afforded one returned to her native...
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    Info on paying the overstay fine

    Paying the visa overstay fine was pretty simple but here are a few things I wish I had known before. 1) You have to pay before checking in. I went to the Avianca counter (which I HIGHLY RECOMMEND as a flight operator) and the woman looked at my passport and very kindly told me I had to pay the...
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    Stuffed gnocchi?

    Tomorrow is my last day in BsAs and also gnocchi day. I'm having some friends over for dinner and would really like to cook stuffed (with cheese) gnocchi. Does anyone know of a pasta place that sells them? Thanks for any leads!
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    Various household items for sale

    I’m headed back to the states and have some items to get rid of. Everything for sale is no more than 6 months old. I’m selling it all for half or less what I paid in the hopes of selling it ASAP. All prices listed in pesos but you can pay in dollars, too. Box spring and mattress, 2 plazas...
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    Asombroso la reaccion al disastre en Haiti

    I will admit to being a very reluctant Facebook user, and only among my Argentinean friends, but today's series of hideously racist posts by people I consider friends/people I know and like/their friends is making me rethink this crossover to the dark side of social networking (not to mention...
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    Christmas in Patagonia?

    I'm thinking about taking a trip for the 10-12 days before and after Christmas. I'd love to see more of Patagonia as I have only been to the Peninsula so far. From my point of view there are two trips I could do. One is to Bariloche/El Bolson/anything else near there, and the other is to El...
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    Noche de los Museos this Saturday, Nov 14

    This is an event that you should definitely not miss if you'll be around this Saturday, November 14. I went last year and it is incredible. Dozens of museums, government sites, and other culturally relevant places participate. It's one of the few nights...
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    Local homestay for two short-termers?

    Hello all, Two acquaintances of mine are coming into town from December 4-20th or so. They will be studying Spanish while here before moving on to do some traveling/WOOFing/volunteering in the rest of Argentina and elsewhere in SA. They are a couple and are looking for one bedroom in a...
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    November is Blogging Month

    Apparently this is blogging month, which has the unfortunate title NaBloPoMo. (No, seriously.) I'm going to try to stick to the post a blog a day for the month, despite missing day 1, and I invite you to read it: I started it when I moved abroad last year...
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    Beach rentals?

    I'd like to rent a spot on the beach for the whole month of February. I want to stay away from Mar del Plata but otherwise am looking for suggestions about beaches that people like and maybe even a company or service or landlord you've worked with before. I'm looking for: Accomodations up to...
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    Traveling south - recommendations?

    I am considering my options for trips south of BsAs. I know I want to go to Puerto Madryn, which is close enough to Bariloche that I could do them both in one trip, but other than that I'm concerned about cost. Does anyone have burning recommendations for why I absolutely MUST see El Calafate...
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    Guide to Housing in BsAs

    Hello!I have spent the last three weeks in an equal parts frustrating/hilarious housing search, so I thought I'd share my newfound knowledge with people who will have to go through the same. First, keep in mind that the temporary apartment business in BsAs is booming. This means there is a lot...