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    Overstaying 90-day limit

    Hi everyone, I had a couple questions about the penalties for overstaying the 90-day limit and requirements for becoming a legal resident in Argentina. First of all, I was wondering if it varies from country. I'm from the US, and back in 2015 when I had overstayed by several months it wasn't a...
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    Hey everyone, I just had a quick question about indemnizacion. I took a job at an English teaching institute back in August and was fired the other day due to not having yet received a work visa (I submitted a criminal background check request to the FBI in September and still have heard...
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    English-Teaching Jobs

    Hi all, I'm planning on travelling back to Argentina with a friend of mine around December or January and we'll be in search of work. The thing is, I have a bachelor's degree and am at an intermediate Spanish-speaking level while my friend only has a high school diploma and speaks no Spanish at...