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  1. samsam

    How many of you really know the interior and the culture, vs BA?

    BA does have everything, but what about the big open spaces and mountains-- don't you miss those things being in BA? Speaking of that, is it an option to move to Mendoza or NQN during this time, provided you quarantine when you get there?
  2. samsam

    Not Happy Here, Easy buy a Nationality 12 Country Options

    Wine tours available and vineyards open. Don't ask me, just what I was told when asked. There are plenty of people who live there full time, but there are full flights set for BA -> Mendoza all days of Sept, not cancelled yet.
  3. samsam

    Not Happy Here, Easy buy a Nationality 12 Country Options

    I've been told by places in Mendoza they have opened for business.
  4. samsam

    Argentina re-opening international flights in August!

    Can anyone say where that was announced?
  5. samsam

    Province to Province flights available on Aerolinas (and Skyscanner)

    But what's the likelihood of travel between provinces being allowed, barely over a month from now? TV news and online papers constantly point out that the majority of covid cases are in BA province! Seems to me the airlines are just eager to list their flights for sale starting Sept 1, the end...
  6. samsam

    Blue dollar rate

    Can you say which, and from where? Trying to find a good one myself but prices on electronics seem to be highly marked up to account for import taxes.
  7. samsam

    Iguazú Falls reopen (to local residents)
  8. samsam

    My move was delayed due to COVID 19 !

    Listened to that podcast last night actually, funny to see it here! It absolutely paints a horrific future, financially and culturally. It (mainly the expert guest, Lauri Garrett) almost gives no possibility of being wrong or too extreme in the projections. I don't know the future, but the...
  9. samsam

    New food delivery source

    What kind of stuff did you get delivered from them?
  10. samsam

    Buying a RED camera here

    Also interested in someone's experience with that! So far I heard there is a street near san telmo that is famous for good priced electronics, otherwise I have seen Androids in Jumbo and in cell phone stores. One other question-- anywhere recommended to get a tourist style non-contract sim for...
  11. samsam

    Fabled cafe La Biela likely to close permanently

    Think it must have! I saw it within the last year and thought it was the most authentic market I'd seen in years. Had amazing tango guitarist and dancers around the central market. Probably thousands of stalls for what seemed like miles, no exaggeration, walked over and hour rapidly and still...
  12. samsam

    Fabled cafe La Biela likely to close permanently

    Did they always permanently occupy a table with the (awesome) scuptures?
  13. samsam

    AF tightens lockdown until July 17

    Wouldn't count on that being anytime soon (anyone think before 2021?).
  14. samsam

    President's son speaks out

    That is a long, intense video in the article. He rants for 13 minutes!
  15. samsam

    Argentina re-opening international flights in August!

    Dennisba- not sure, but some reported in other threads that they weren't stopped along the way to the airport.
  16. samsam

    Quality Argentine Products

    Thought there was a chance some nylon string guitars were made there. Thanks, bandoneons always looked awesome to me.. I would love to get one some day. I see (saw) people playing them in the street sometimes - must not be high quality ones if they are so valuable I wouldn't think they'd risk...
  17. samsam

    Print shop near Palermo

    In case someone needs it: ended up using the shop at Armenia 2343. Great service, offerings and quality. Color copies, print from USB, and print from internet search. Had many requests and the total was about 250 pesos. Thanks for the suggestions, all.
  18. samsam

    Quality Argentine Products

    Nice suggestions on the food. Does anyone know any musical instruments made in Argentina?
  19. samsam

    Real estate questions

    And isn't Uruguay more difficult to immigrate/retire to than Argentina?
  20. samsam

    Moving Around in CABA without Essential Worker Permission

    Anyone try getting a permit without a DNI? Emailing embassy (US) has only got me canned responses that say they aren't issuing anything.