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    All my contacts for buying/renovating property

    I've made my move to chile now so i thought i'd leave a list of my contacts and people you can trust to help you if buying a property here in Argentina. escribanos: Ruben Orona is the guy we trust most and we used him with our property purchases and with our clients. I know he did a good job...
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    excellent argentine blog (in english)

    this guy is writing some really good stuff and gives an excellent insider's view of the country. start with this post but read the rest of his stuff as well.
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    re-post argentina v nice please

    As this thread descended into name calling and childishness last time, it got locked...anyway, i'm reposting as it might be of interest to some. if anyone has any questions about anything then reply here or send me a note...Well, I’ve got a bit of time on my hands now so in answer to BBW’s...
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    Santiago vs Buenos Aires

    Well, I’ve got a bit of time on my hands now so in answer to BBW’s question of what Chile is like… Firstly, Santiago is not Buenos Aires. It lacks all of the charm and cultural life. Chileans do not care much for their architectural heritage and there’s little left of the French style buildings...
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    Re: vias rentista/ dni/cdi/buying an apt

    transferring money legally is that? ie through a legally accredited and government authorised bank and not through an exchange house/private bank that brings the money in under the table? if they give you more than us$5000 at a time per month then you're doing things illegally.
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    Yes, Argentine spanish is polite...

    A poster on the smoking ban topic questioned my view that argentine spanish is polite. i thought i´d open up another topic to discuss this. this is my response to what he wrote. Yes, i speak pretty much fluent Spanish, and can switch between Chilean and Argentine intonation and pronunciation...
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    how do you check your messages?

    i was sent a private message the other day, i didn't have time to reply and now i can't find any link that allows me to re-read messages that have been sent my i just being a bit thick or is it not possible to read messages more than once????
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    Amazing flat, perfect for long-term relocation

    Hi, I'm writing this to offer my flat for long term rental. You can get full details on The price is, per month, us$1650. I'm looking for a long term rental and, as such, the price stated is a jumping off point for negotiations rather than a fixed figure...