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    The economist's Argentine forecast

    Five years after the crash.... the economy is recovering but the country's middle class whose savings were wiped out by the crisis is still impoverished. As for the poor, they are getting poorer. I didn't do my homework or give any stats but I think I got pretty close to the mark yes?
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    The economic future from Argentina

    Forget teaching culture. There are many an Argentine mother who might appreciate someone teaching their children to do their own laundry before they are 30 years old.
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    Piermo, probably the easiest way to extend your stay in Argentina is to cross the border into Uruguay then turn around and come back into Argentina, stamped for 90 more days. Using a tourist visa. I think you can also pay 100 pesos at immigrations to have your tourist visa stamped for 90 more...
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    Buenos Aires culture and nighlife

    Buenos Aires offers Tango and Tango is sexy. If you speak to young Argentine people, many say Tango is for old people like their grandparents. I never saw my grandmother dancing like that.
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    Buenos Aires crime rate

    "Ask a cab driver if they are robbed one time"I know a cab driver. What's he tell me? Two guns to the back of his head in the last 4 years.
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    Buenos Aires crime rate

    Argentina vs USA in crime. Hmmm...Argentina-more theft and petty robbery type of crimes, alot more. In general. USA-less of the above but more violent than in Argentina, alot more violent. In general.
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    The economic future from Argentina

    My bad Pericles. (passes comment to Paul)
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    Why are Argentines so arrogant???

    "The "arrogance" and the machismo are there to compensate for deep-seated inferiority complexes and profound doubts about ethnic and cultural identity." Bigbadwolf, your the man. I think you nailed it. Both Argentines and Yankees both say they are the best, at everything and are arrogant. The...
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    The economic future from Argentina

    "tourism will soon decline and the contruction is a boom and will soon bust." I don't see tourism declining pericles, I think it's going to grow. The construction boom will slow, it has to, it already is slowing. Inflation is the concern for rank and file Argentines right now.
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    How many Argentines live abroad?

    Over 100,000 living in Miami, USA. Almost half of these have arrived in the last 5 years.
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    Anyone up for a good deed?

    I think this woman is schizophrenic or something. Look at these post from her blogs, notice the dates she puts on some..... -Monday, February 26, 2007: There are stars here in Doggie Heaven. A lot of stars for me to look at when I have no Celestial food to eat. The dog bones are great. I can eat...
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    Anyone up for a good deed?

    I found this very obscure blog a few days ago...'m not sure exactly what this woman is all about or if she is even for real. She could be a crazy woman, a scammer, who knows. She says she is a US citizen. If she is for real one of you guys in BA with a...
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    Common misconceptions?

    "It's good to hear from the people who don't look at the world through rose-colored glasses. I'd hate to see this site censored just because some of the people don't agree with their postings." Keep in mind some people have financial interest in promoting BA and Argentina as a cheap Paris. Some...
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    Yes, Argentine spanish is polite...

    Yes, Argentine spanish is polite...Jeje! Is this a joke or something? I'm rolling here! Eso es un buen chiste, muy gracioso!
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    Buenos Aires shocking accident rate

    Wouldn't enforcing the traffic laws generate a huge revenue for the cities, villages and provinces?I mean a policeman here could sit on any corner and write ticket after ticket all day long. Think of the pesos that would generate for the local governments. I'm thinking yes but there has to be a...
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    Kids In Need!

    I would advise against giving money. Many times criminals have children working (begging) for them and the money is later turned over to them.School supplies is a good idea, food, clothing...nessesities. That's a better way. Also you don't need to give through an agency. I myself don't trust...