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  1. samsam

    Province to Province flights available on Aerolinas (and Skyscanner)

    But what's the likelihood of travel between provinces being allowed, barely over a month from now? TV news and online papers constantly point out that the majority of covid cases are in BA province! Seems to me the airlines are just eager to list their flights for sale starting Sept 1, the end...
  2. samsam

    Iguazú Falls reopen (to local residents)
  3. samsam

    Print shop near Palermo

    Can anyone recommend one that can make a copy and also print something from the internet (or PDF on a usb stick would be ok). I saw a staples over on Ortiz, anyone have experience with printing there would appreciate hearing. Thanks
  4. samsam

    Night running

    Perhaps you all have heard about the 8pm to 8am running that's been authorized for this new 3 week extension. Anyone have any comments about it? I saw on the news this morning that it was already very popular last night! The photos they showed looked like the runners where in the parks...
  5. samsam

    Online ordering with cash

    Does anyone know if there's a way to pay cash pesos rather than a credit card without an Argentine bank account (when ordering online)? Places I'd like to do this: Any suggestions or experiences would be...
  6. samsam

    Mercado Libre

    Any recent experiences with Mercado Libre? I'd like to get a few electronic items delivered and thought I'd ask before going for it. Thanks Would love to be able to pay cash, too, but not sure if it's possible without an Argentine bank account.