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    anyone going to patagonia next month?

    hey.. i´m hoping to travel down through patagonia sometime late april/early may.. as of now im doing it solo. anyone interested in joining me? i´m active and into nature, but not planning on doing any 10 hour hikes or anything. just planning on seeing the beautiful sites, chilling out, and...
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    hey.. im new to this website

    thanks for the apology... so my plan is to take a 4 week certification course (ive heard mixed things about these courses, but i can honestly say i think i found a good one). hopefully after that ill find a decent teaching job.. but i have to say, you made me somewhat nervous by saying that its...
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    hey.. im new to this website

    thanks to those who gave me helpful info.. i chose BA cause its a city ive always wanted to visit, and i just figured why not. and im just nervous about the move cause im going on my own. and yes, i was told to introduce myself by the site, because im a new member
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    hey.. im new to this website

    i was told to introduce myself. so thats what i'm doing. my name is ali, im 22 years old, i just graduated college and I'm moving to BA nov 3 to teach english. i'm getting a little nervous about making the move on my own, so if anyone wants to write back and calm my nerves, feel free.