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    1000`s T V Channels + Internet Access ..... For Free !!!!!

    During my recent travel to different countries, I`ve seen satellite dish and receiver instantly produce 1000`s of TV channels ... ALL FOR FREE. No Monthly Cable Subscription to FiberTel or CableVision, or DirectTV, etc etc . . None whatsoever. Also, I`ve seen internet access achieved very...
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    How To Contact

    I never knew before, how to get in touch with despegar after buying my tickets online. For my next coming trip, this time I want to know how to reach them if I ever need there assistance. email address, or phone number, etc ? Appreciate very much if you can be of any help.
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    New BAExpats Ushers In 2018 !!!!

    Happy New Year BAExpaters !!!!!!!!
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    If Money Was No Object

    For a single person where would you rather be ? I`m neither talking Ferrari nor struggling to make ends meet in Buenos Aires extremes. In related topics: For a good idea about Asuncion watch this video: .... http://www.dailymoti...m/video/x56grpk Cordoba proper is nothing more than one of...
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    Fed Ex Lost My Cheques

    Now I`m being told that my FedEx is NOT in Memphis. They lost my package, and will start investigation. Exactly what I was afraid of for 3 months.
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    Fed Ex

    Is this normal ??????? FedEx tracking is showing no activity what so ever since yesterday 5:44 pm. Am I in panic for nothing ????
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    V P N

    Please cut me lots of slack for asking technically challenged questions at my old age (18 years behind the curb since I retired). Since Thursday, been trying to down load TD CanadaTrust mobile app (banking anytime anywhere it says) . Been on the phone constantly, Clearing one hurdle after...
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    First Day To Respect Trump

    For declaring war on drugs. If he is really sincere ...( not just another lie) . and if he succeeds, ... it will over weight all the grief and havoc he caused so far. (Even bigger than N. Korea)
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    How To Forward A Yahoo Email Thread Except One?

    Thanks in advance for your time. Have a Yahoo email thread that contains 9 emails back and forth on the same issue (except one). I want to forward only 8 of those emails to a third party (the 9th is unrelated issue) (can`t see any other options ... either delete all 9 or forward all 9 .. )...
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    Argentines Are .... And Some I Assume Are Good People

    Weird quirk coward thieves. 3rd world chorros pretending to be 1st world class. For years, I used to sympathize their case. Always shrugged off and dismissed and excused everything as petty crimes. Too often, too many times .... risky dangerous violent and close calls, .... way above average ...
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    My Car Stolen.

    16 o`clock parked my car to play tennis in Ciudad Universtaria (my routine 1 hour). 17 o'clock it was gone. That PDF document I had trouble with, ... was the insurance Reclamo. Time has been cruel to me ....
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    Please Help

    Sorry to ask such a ridiculous question, ... but totally frustrated could cry. How do I sign in to my account using WindowsExplorer (that I haven`t used for ages) There is no place to enter my email address (account ID). The page is totally blank except for the button that says...
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    Not My Cuppa Tea In <50 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Agree. (My way to like a post more than once !!) Only my widget vs. the price …….. investigATE, studyATE, researchATE, reputationATE, compromisoATE, reclamoATE, mediATE, litigATE, waitATE, JuzgaATE, verdictATE ... Zero interest in any ATE ! Quacks like a dock.
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    Excellent Exchange4Free Eft Service.

    X4F has recently activated their excellent free of charge (ZERO fees) EFT service. $3000 CAD per transaction. Unlimited transactions (as I understand it, and as per my own experience so far). Average of 24 hours turn around time. Also recently X4F (with their new payout partner), has extremely...
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    What`s Up With Barrio Chino These Days?

    Barrio Chino Salmon used to be unquestionable quality fresh . About 3 weeks ago, and as usual bought Uno Entero. Opened the bolsa at home for a shock: .................... Spoiled unfit for human consumption. Total loss $1600 and a change. Tonight I looked ...... and absolutely...
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    Use Of Debit & Credit Cards In Brazil

    Previously I posted my following question under a non representative title.
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    Shitty Experience With Exchange4Free

    It used to be less than ONE day to transfer my monthly living expenses from my Canadian account to Argentina. It has been annoying to repeatedly be asked for the same info over and over again. (but still I must have supplied them with the same info more than 40 times over the years. by...
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    Skype Newbie

    Just created my 1st Skype account with my email address. Trying to add a "contact", ... it asks me for my phone number. Entering my Phone number, ... it says It can not verify my number. Pressed a button to Automatically Added Friends. It sent me email saying "successfully added friends". How...
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    Exchange4Free ..... Gone!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Exchange4Free was the only option I used in the past to send myself money from Canadian account. Today, .......... big big surprise! Can`t transfer money from Canada. What are the alternatives? I know Ria does not work for Canada either, or am I wrong? What to do?
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    Good Old Days

    Miss the sharp wit real stimulating clever discussions ... first class intellect: sinful looking faguzzetta, pedet .. the pinnacle of civilization, female penguin prostitution, when would the $ hit 20 peso, ... What happened ?