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    I Have TWO apartments AVAILABLE Now

    If anyone is looking for an apartment, short term or longer term, we have 2 available. We are taking care of them for some friends of ours and for the next month they are available. There is a one bedroom and another that is 2 bedrooms + and office den. You can see them on our website...
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    I have 2, ONE bedrooms available, Soho, Recoleta

    If anyone is looking for a place, I have 2 one bedrooms of friends of mine, (Americans) that left me their apartments to rent out. One is in Palermo Soho on Malabia and the other is over in Recoleta on Arenales. Both are newly remodeled and have all new equipement inside. Both have Internet...
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    NEW TAX on ALL PROPERTIES required and DUE by September 15!

    There is a NEW additional tax being implemented by LAW for ALL properties in the Province of BUENOS AIRES. This tax is going to be DUE between the 5 and the 15th of September, 2007. If you owned a property or automobile on or before DECEMBER 31st, 2006, you will have to pay this additional...
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    I have a ONE BEDROOM apt in Recoleta if anyone needs it?

    I have a one bedroom on the street of Arenales and near Laprida, near the subway, if anyone is looking for one. It is FULLY furnished with everything including internet and a cel phone. The kitchen is complete and there is a queen bed plus a hide-a-bed sofa....all new. Just finnished it and we...
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    Has anyone traveled around Argentina? I'm looking for a good vacation spot!

    I want to find a good place this winter to go on vacation. I thought of Merlot....or San Luis.....somewhere where the weather might be a little warmer. If anyone has some ideas, I'd like to hear from you. Thanks! Paul
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    I have a ONE BEDROOM and a STUDIO to rent

    Hi Everyone, I have a studio over in Palermo Soho, on Honduras and Serrano that I am renting, (it's mine). Its a good location and "comfy" and comes complete with everything, sheets, towels, etc. Then I have a ONE bedroom, also in Palermo Soho that I am taking care of for a friend. It is...
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    1 Bedroom, Great Location AVAILABLE

    I have a 1 bedroom available in Palermo Soho if anyone is interested. I am renting it out for a friend and he is willing to give a discount for a monthly rental. He charges U$250 a week or 700 a month...It is ALL FURNISHED and ready to live in. It has Internet (cable modem, the best available)...
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    The COST OF LIVING in Buenos Aires

    Cost of living in Buenos Aires Many people have wondered what are the costs to live in Buenos Aires. I have lived here over 15 years and during that time they have changed drastically at least 3 times! Now we are “enjoying” an exchange rate of about 3 pesos to 1 dollar, so...
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    I have a 1 bedroom FOR RENT if anyone is interested?

    I have a 1 bedroom in Palermo Soho if anyone is interested. It has everything: sheets, blankets, TV, Place Settings, Internet, etc. Let me know! Paul
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    Anyone coming from the U.S. that can bring me something?

    I have my daughters birthday coming up and she keeps talking about some "furry" stuffed animal that talks!....and we can't find that anywhere here! Not that I get my kids everything they ask for....but I would like to get it for her since we are trying to avoid having a "real" pet....And so, I...
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    If anyone is looking for an Apartment, I have 2 options!

    Two americans each gave me their keys and asked me to get their places rented. If anyone is looking for an apartment, one is in PALERMO SOHO and the other in BARRIO NORTE/RECOLETA. Each are 1 bedrooms, recently remodeled, mostly new furniture and appliances and conveniently located. We can do...
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    Where to buy the TURKEY!

    Every year I go through the same problem....looking for a fresh turkey. Does anyone have an idea? I know Jumbo has frozen ones....but where can I get fresh ones? I saw in CareFour, Vicente Lopez one year had them....but, this year....I'm not sure.. Let me know!
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    The Argentine tax entity the "AFIP" is imposing PENALTIES and LOTS of fines to Foreigners SELLING th

    Hi Everyone, I'm not sure if this is the area of the forum for this topic, but I just wanted to give out a WARNING BEFORE buying property here in Argentina. It might seem cheap, but the AFIP is cracking down!....It's EASY to buy.....but when you go to sell, you will be AUDITED. Read the...
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    Property Management

    Hello, If anyone needs someone to manage their property, I've been doing it a few years here and could take on a couple more properties. I have most of my properties in Palermo, but I have a support crew that can cover just about the whole city all the way up through the suburbs to Tigre. I have...
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    Beautiful FURNISHED studio in Palermo Soho, B.A.

    I have a studio in a perfectly located area, right next to Plaza Serrano. On Honduras and Serrano, it is completely furnished, everything including wine glasses and hair dryer! If you're interested please send me an email: Thank you
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    Has anyone SOLD a property yet?

    I know it is easy for Americans to buy props here in Argentina, but the AFIP is now putting all kinds of red tape and taxes on foreignors who are now selling the properties. I have a DNI so it is not a problem I am having, but rather, those Americans who come here and don't live permanently...
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    Argentine Massage Therapist I can RECOMMEND!

    If anyone is looking for a GOOD massage therapist, I have one to recommend. He worked for 2 years at the Spa in Office Park in Pilar, but they have closed and he's looking for work. He's been working on my Achilles Tendonitis for almost a year now and I can truly say that there are very few...
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    anyone have an accountant to do my U.S. taxes?

    I need to prepare my taxes from 2005 in the U.S. and I need someone to help. Any reccomendations? please send me an email to Thanks
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    Dinner at Mykonos

    HI everyone, We went to the dinner last night and it was nice and fun....but, I didn't get to really meet many of you, bummer. I think all the entertainment made it a little dificult...although it was fun breaking plates, (even if it cost us 2$ each)! Maybe next time, in a quieter place....and...