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    Losing when sending Dollars to Argentina ?

    I need to send money to my bank account in Argentina on a regular basis. (To make a long story short), my experience has been that my bank will only accept money from me sent via TransferWise. My concern with sending in general, is that when my money gets sent, I am buying Árgentine pesos at...
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    Recoleta apt. for rent, short or long term

    186 square meters/ 2000 square feet. Recently refurbished 4 bedroom apartment in pleasant antique building sleeps 7. Recently refurbished with a lot of new furniture. Very comfortable and fully equipped, including linens. Handy to subway, buses, supermarket, shops, Avenida Santa Fe, Centro...
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    Recoleta - apt. for rent - short or long term

    7 ambientes, 2000 square feet, in antique building near Subte and Champagnat School. Available short or long term. Please click on link below to see my property manager`s ad. Thanks !
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    How to force a bank to release my money ?

    Does anyone know of an ethics board or some way to pressure a bank to release a client`s funds ? To make a long story short, I wire transferred money to my own account at a major Argentine bank in June. There was nothing wrong with the transfer itself. The bank has not yet deposited my...
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    Why does Argentina make it hard to deposit money in it`s banks?

    Does anyone know why Argentina makes it hard, to say the least, for non-residents to transfer money into their Argentine bank accounts ? I no longer live in Argentina but still have rental properties there. Especially as the money is arriving in US$, I would have thought Argentina would want...
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    Subte : Linea J ?

    10 years ago Linea J was proposed to run from east Buenos Aires to Recoleta, largely along Entre Rios/Avenida Callao. Does anyone know, please, what has become of the idea for the subway line Linea J ?
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    No One Wants To Receive Money Transfers

    I am outside Argentina and want to pay for work being done. My bank account in Argentina, unfortunately is not set up to receive transfers from abroad. I am finding no one wants to receive money transfers or Paypal payments, either as payment for their work, or in their role as property...
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    Govt. Assistance With Facade Restoration

    This link might raise more questions than it answers, but I hope it might be of interest to some of you. It seems the city provides financial assistance (a loan, I think, but not sure) for owners when the entire facade of a building in the "Casco Historico" is restored. Anyone interested...
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    Facade Contractor Recommendations ?

    Can anyone please recommend a good, reasonably priced contractor to fix the facade and balconies of an historic apartment (not, it´s not a condo). While the 2 contractors I´ve received bids from seem well qualified, one wouldn´t give a guaranteed price and was expensive. The other gave a...
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    Paying A Property Manager

    Is it common for a property manager to charge the owner, only by the square meter ? If the property manager gets a guaranteed flat fee, he has little incentive to do the necessary things to get a good rental return. I´d prefer a property manager to get paid based on a % of the rent, or some...
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    Afroargentines Article

    An interesting article on Afroargentines and their history. About 150 years ago, there was a black shanty district on Avenida Callao, somewhere near Corrientes. It appears they were pushed out by the expanding city. The erased protagonists: Afroargentines and the whitewashing of history |...
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    Kirchner/miami Real Estate Connection ?

    Interesting Miami Herald article about the confusing connection between former Argentine higher ups and Miami real estate: http://www.miamihera...le90028812.html
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    13 Year Long Lawsuit - No End In Sight

    I would greatly appreciate any opinions about a law suit that´s gone on 13 years and hasn´t really gotten to the main hearing yet. Is this common in Argentina ? My first lawyer slowed things down a bit by colluding with the other party and stealing my money. I had been contacting the lawyer...
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    Why Pay Rent?

    For those of you who pay rent I ask why you don´t try to default on your obligations? Is it easier for a foreigner to get evicted - or is there a penalty of some type ? Are you just paying because you´re honest ? Are you concerned about your credit rating? You can likely tell I´ve found it...
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    Central American Refugees In Us

    I´m confused about the outcry I´m seeing online from US posters who don´t want Central American women and children refugees in US. As far as I see, powerful interests in the US wanted the "War on Drugs" extended to Latin America. The Merida Initiative seems to confirm this. Now the war has...
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    Finding An Agent Willing To Find Tenants In Capital Federal

    Can anyone by chance recommend an agent interested in renting out apartments in Capital Federal ? I´ve not had much success to date in finding a serious rental agent. I suppose most want to focus on sales. My apartments are more or less in the Centro area of Capital Federal. Thanks for any info.
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    How Long Can A Case Take To Get To Trial ?

    It´s going on 13 years since I started a law suit. A year ago, there was a preliminary trial. We haven´t yet gotten to the actual trial. Any guesses on whether the trial will ever take place ? (No, this isn´t a joke. It´s very clear that I´m owed money.)
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    Bedbugs? ¿chinches?

    Am I just sheltered or are there very few bed bugs in Capital Federal ? Some one once suggested the fumigation chemicals used in Argentina may be stronger than those allowed in, say, Canada. Most people I know of in Toronto area have gone through the ordeal of getting rid of bed bugs in recent...
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    What´s Normal For A B Aires Real Estate Agent?

    I´m seeing real estate agents acting in a way that seems strange to me, when trying to rent out properties. IE: An agent trying to rent a large property in a very, very prominent location, who keeps promising to put up a sign any day, but only does so after a month of badgering. An agent...
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    Avenida De Mayo - Apto. Profesional

    Apartment in antique building close to subway lines, buses, Cafe Tortoni; for rent long term. Guarantor required. 3 ambientes including entre piso, plus kitchenette, peaceful back terrace and front balcony with wide view of beautiful Avenida de Mayo. Oversized bath tub in marble bath room...