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    A Challenge for you

    call here. We did it from England twice...may be works from here.... so where about in London I will stop for a week ????:) it is a return ticket? Call our British Airways Onboard Courier line on 0870 3200301. They will provide you with details of couriers currently needed. Monica
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    Electrica Fuses UK

    Hi Harri! I don't know where u can get then in Argentina. Last time I've got it from EBAY, I send u a link and also u can see how much it will be to argentina, Ah u will need a paypal account. If u have any doubt don't hesitate to ask me for help, I use Ebay.UK for this kind of...
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    Spanish conversation

    Hi! I could help u if u like . I am British and Argentinian, so my Argentinian- Spanish is perfect. I just come back from UK, and I will love to practice some English as we could do some exchange. If you agree let me know and I give u my mobile number Regards Ms Parker