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  1. kurtdillard

    Attempted Home Invasion

    I'm in the US on business, a group of 3 or 4 tried to break into our house in Corrientes around 3 am. They had climbed onto the 1st floor roof and tried to break in through 2nd floor windows. They triggered the alarm and ran off before the private security guard drove over. My wife and kids are...
  2. kurtdillard

    "Tiny Uruguay outshines neighbor Argentina with investors"

    From McClatchy: Great work Kirchners!
  3. kurtdillard

    Rare imported delicacies found at Carrefour in Corrientes

    It both saddened and ammused me to see how excited my kids and I got when we found Pepperidge Farms Goldfish (both original and chedder!) and Double-chocolate Nantucket cookies at the big Carrefour near our house. Its been about 18 months since we saw any Goldfish crackers at any grocery store...
  4. kurtdillard

    US company considering moving Argentinian sub

    On my flight down over the weekend my seatmate happened to be the executive of the Argentinian subsidiary for one of the US firms with the largest presence down here. No names or industries will be mentioned, I realize that that diminishes the credibility of this post, but I don't want to make...
  5. kurtdillard

    Heading out too

    Yanqui's thread pushed me to finally write this update. My wife and I made our decision in May and I accepted a job offer at Microsoft a few weeks back. My first official day is 7/16 but she'll be stuck here for months while we wait for her immigration visa. So I won't be completely out of...
  6. kurtdillard

    At least 18 gunshots exchanged in San Isidro bedroom!

  7. kurtdillard

    CFK alientating Mercosur partners

    This is insane... Paraguay exports to Argentina plunge 70%: Argentina trade restrictions cut Uruguayan exports by almost half in February...
  8. kurtdillard

    A few suggestions on Iguazu, where we spent the last week...

    We're finishing up a week in Puerto Iguazu and I thought that I'd share what we learned. This was our second visit, we spent a 36 hour honeymoon here 5.5 years ago, instead of a whirlwind tour we wanted to relax! First, I found this web site to be very helpful...
  9. kurtdillard

    Where can I find descaling chemicals for my espresso machine?

    We bought a great Italian espresso machine at Gabarino a few months ago, its time to clean all of the mineral deposits that build up over time. I had no idea that it would be so difficult to find a suitable descaling chemical (descalcificante in Spanish). We've gone to Garbarino, Disco, The...
  10. kurtdillard

    Looking to meet some fellow expats, make some new friends

    My Argentine wife and I just moved down here 6 weeks ago. We finally have a permanent apartment but we're still waiting for our stuff to get through customs. Some of the furniture we bought down here is finally starting to arrive though:) I have a few argentine friends down here, but I'd like...