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    Giving Away Parenting Books

    I have three books in excellent conditions that I brought with myself when I came from New York. I want to give them away as I don't longer need them. If interested please PM me. The titles are: - Eat, Play and Be Healthy, W. Allan Walker, MD (The Harvard Medical School Guide to Helathy Eating...
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    Question On 7/8Yrs Old Dni Actualization

    Has anyone done this?? Do I have to make an appointment to Hipolito Yrigoyen?? Which documents do I need to take? I have been told so many different things? I don´t even trust whats on the migraciones webpage anymore.. Thanks! ;)
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    Parenting Magazines

    Hi! I have a bunch of Parenting, American Baby, etc..magazines that I want to get rid of. They from 2004 - 2005 mainly. Some in great condition, some not that great but all of them ok for reading. Anyway if someone is interested just send me a private note. If not Ill just throw them away..but...
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    Going back to BA

    Hi guys, This is not my first post, but I realized that I've never introduced myself. My name is Gabriela (a.k.a Gaby) and after almost 3 years living in New York I'm going back to Buenos Aires in a little more than a month. My husband and I are Argies, we have a 2 year old american boy and...