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    New Girl -- looking for recommendations on TESOL/TEFL certification

    I got my certification with EBC here in Buenos Aires, and I was really satisfied. As soon as I started looking for work, EBC sent out my resume and I had over 20 calls and e-mails for interviews in less than 2 weeks. I worked teaching English for 2 years in Buenos Aires, and I felt like the...
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    Best comprehensive health insurance?

    What is the best comprehensive health insurance provider, in your opinion? By best I access to the top hospitals, doctors, and good treatment and coverage of most any health problem that you happen to you (eg major accident, cancer, heart disease, etc) I am currently with the...
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    Hoping to Make Some Female Friends

    I´m also up for a get-together if you girls are planning one! I´m 22, I´ve been here for 1.5 years, I teach English and work and study part-time. Let me know :)
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    I'd like to meet some other foreigners!

    Yes Mike, I think an American in Argentina qualifies as a foreigner!And there's no age limit! I like to meet people of all ages, I just put my age just to introduce myself and because some people might rather meet up with people who are similar ages...
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    I'd like to meet some other foreigners!

    Hi all! I'm an american living here in buenos aires and I want to meet some other foreigners living (surviving!!) in this city..I'm 21 and I teach English classes. I'd like to meet up for coffee or drinks with other foreigners and share experiences (I've got some argentine friends here but it's...
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    Do you want to organize English/Spanish Conversation Group?

    I would love to get a spanish conversation group going! A place where foreigners who are learning/practicing spanish can get together and chat - and meet new people!! If anyone else is interested, let me know, my email is: Saludos!!
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    Which university.....UBA vs Belgrano?

    I think I am coming late to this discussion, but if the original poster is still considering, I can give my experience at Belgrano. I studied there for 5 months and wasn't terribly was organized, but the level of education for me was quite low. In fact, here in Bs As Belgrano has...