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    Looking for Assam tea

    Anyone knows where to get it?
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    "Opulent" Buenos Aires hypocrisy

    Alberto said "We feel guilty seeing Buenos Aires so opulent, beautiful, unequal and unfair to the rest of the country" ("Nos llena de culpa ver a la ciudad de Buenos Aires tan opulenta, bella, desigual e injusta con el resto del país") Noble feelings, but he lives in Puerto Madero, the most...
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    Of five days worked, three go to pay taxes

    No wonder so many choose to work "en negro" The note is in Spanish, with a good table illustrating the tax load.
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    Whopping Edenor August bill

    Did anyone's bills increase? Mine more than tripled. There were no changes in my home.
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    Voices from the pandemic

    Two sobering first-person stories from the Washington Post
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    So much for herd immunity?
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    How much is the Arg. peso really worth?

    In Uruguay, it takes 275 pesos argentinos to buy a single US dollar. Makes one wonder how much the peso is really worth. The BROU buys Arg. pesos for 0.16 Uruguayos, and sells them for 0.62 - that's a hair-rising spread...
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    Sidewalk cafe service open in San Isidro

    New "Takeaway Plus" service implemented - sidewalk benches and chairs but no tables, and disposable cups and spoons. Better than nothing...!
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    Quarantine envy

    Worth reading Haven't seen this among local friends and relations.
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    The Big Five Personality Test

    Something to fritter away our time in this endless quarantine.
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    A story with a happy ending

    Here's something to brighten our day in these troubled times. Correct me if I'm wrong, but it seems Argentina is the only country to recognize an animal as a "non human person with legal rights". Sandra, the orangutan, was granted that status back in 2014...
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    The NY Times on Argentina's debt
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    Delta wildfires

    Haven't seen coverage in Arg. papers.
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    AP news: Argentines under quarantine
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    Amazon Global - has anyone tried it?

    Just read this article. Sounds too good to be true, but is it?
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    Bolsonaro has a 'little flu'

    Jair Bolsonaro, Brazil's president and Denier-in-Chief, tests positive for the virus.
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    The Argentine mint in danger of stopping

    Twenty five employees are sick with the virus, and one of the two printing plants had to shut down for three days. Both plants have been working three shifts, 24/7, printing pesos to finance government subsidies. Could it be Divine intervention? Or will the Ks blame the usual suspects...
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    A happy story in these hard times The San Diego Karen's Facebook page
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    How Uruguay tamed the virus

    An excellent summary, posted in LinkedIn by Beatrice Rangel. A dear friend who spent her life at the British Foreign Office once told me, "I have learned to respect and love boring countries. Because they home free and democratic societies." Think of Switzerland; Sweden; New Zealand, Uruguay...
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    "Cara chica" US dollars - no blue stripe

    Does anyone know of a cueva accepting them, and at what rate?