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    Argentinians Switching To Bitcoin

    For what it's worth..... Europe is not the only region to test Bitcoins. Last week, Simon Black reported that companies in Argentina are turning to Bitcoins to bypass recent draconian capital and market controls. Black features a car rental company that has not only begun accepting Bitcoins but...
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    Argentina signs deals with China's military

    This should make y'alls day... With the situation in both Paraguay and Bolivia of the CIA, evidently, trying to overthrow the two countries governments to, again evidently, get closer to Venezuela this seems like a logical move. "Sword rustling" or "posturing" I would think. Even somewhat...
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    YPF/Repsol A Different Point Of View

    A little different viewpoint from what I have seen on the YPF situation. Note that the writer is Argentinian. ARGENTINA BUCKS BANKING ELITE
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    Young Europeans flock to Argentina

    Just saw this article and thought this group would want to read it: Young Europeans flock to Argentina for job opportunities Thousands have left Europe this year in search of employment and a more relaxed lifestyle in Buenos Aires...
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    New To Forum - San Rafael, Mendoza

    Stumbled into the forum through another BA source a day or two ago. Signed up and wanted to put an initial greeting up here. Originally from Panama City, Florida left the U.S. mostly due to political reasons. Numerous others with similar complaints are looking in our area not wanting to...