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    Is there a native French teacher around?

    thanks Bob, I hope to hear from him.
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    Is there a native French teacher around?

    Is there a native speaker & teacher French around? I need a teacher for my 13 year old daughter who is missing school back home (Spain) due to our stay in Buenos Aires. Twice a week, till half of April starting asap. you can contact me at Merci! :-)
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    Need an English Teacher

    I am looking for an English teacher (native speaker) for my 13 yr old daughter, high beginner, for approx.3 month, twice a week, start asap. Please leave a message her and I will phone or write, or contact me at
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    Any Dutch People around? Nederlanders....?

    Does anyone know if there are Dutch people around here? (I am sure there are :) I am looking for people with young children AND for someone who wants to teach Dutch. Thanks!
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    Housekeeper/ Nanny

    I will contact her , thanks, I am desperately looking for someone!
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    Can anyone recommend a nanny?

    Can anyone recommend a good nanny for my 2 kids (Palermo Holleywood)? I need someone for a couple of hours during the mornings or at least 3-4 days weekly. How much should I pay? thanks! (the kids are fluent in Spanish as we have been living in Spain for the last 2 years).
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    family needs a place to live 3-5 months

    I need a fully furnished place to stay for 3- 5 month, starting mid Nov BA, (preferrably palermo, belgrano, recoleta, norte). There is 6 of us but the kids (4) are small and can share bedrooms..... :). Please write:
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    job offer !!

    Recently opened language school needs staff. Bilingual, flexible, creative, enthusiastic, independent, reliable and so on. Please write and send a short CV/resume to: Gracias!
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    Shared office

    Bugge, i know about a good option in Belgrano, lovely place, big and light, small garden. Price t.b.c.