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    gym in Palermo

    could you please recommend a nice gym in Palermo? thanks in advance
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    moblie phones

    Just a short question ; which mobile phone frequency is used in Argentina (Buenos Aires)? The same that in US or the same that in Europe? Or any different? Thanks
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    tap water

    short question: is tap water potable in Buenos Aires? thanks
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    Hi All, I was just told that I could have a garantia if I would like to. But now I am thinking, is it really a big advantage to have one? From different posts in this forum I understand that garantia allows you to sign a long term 24 months contract for...
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    San Telmo

    Dear All, Could you please give me your thoughts about living in San Telmo? And yes, I think I have read all the threads in this forum regarding this neighbourhood. The problem is that they seem to be quite contradictory. I guess it can be partially due to different timing of the posts...
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    random questions: insurance & housing

    Hi everybody, Sorry for posting the same post twice (here and in the thread “What are the best job options to make enough money to stay in BA? )… I am about to come to Buenos Aires. I have been reading this forum for quite some time but never posted anything since I first wanted to...