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    pensionvisa to tourist visa?

    Last year I got a pensionvisa, but for some reason, (that I should have checked before I got the visa), I realize I cannot renew it. It expires second of May. I peviously bought a ticket out of Argentina in late June. People say I can go to Uruguay 1 May, come back as a tourist and leave in...
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    Tax of foreign pension

    I wonder if you are a resident here temporarily or steady, do you have to pay tax of your foreign pension? If not, - are there any realistic plans that they would start to tax foreign pensioners? Thanks!
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    Visit doctor with precaria

    I had plan to go back to Europe, but now I have to wait for my DNI. I therefore need some medicin I usually get. Can I go to a doctor with my precaria? And how does it work with health system and DNI? Grateful for answer.
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    Pension visa

    I have just received information that my pension visa is approved. However I have to wait for the DNI card, because they have to print it. Migrations said it takes to and a half months, while my hotel said it can take 8 months. I cannot leave the country meanwhile and my precaria has to be...