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    DNI renewal

    Its time to renew my work visa...Steve do you know if what you said above is still valid? Things change so quickly here. Do the passport copies need to be translate/apostilled?? And do I have to pay the 600 ARS again at Migraciones? For proof of continuing employment I assume recent recibos de...
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    Sexo = F. What the...

    Slightly unrelated to the original post but I noticed that everyone is saying they only received the tarjeta DNI...I got mine about 1 month ago via temporary residency/work visa, and I only got the libreta, no card at all... Anyone else get this or is mine just random?
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    Getting a DNI

    Question answered myself! DNI was waiting for me today with the portero, apparently the midday temporary woman had received it on Friday for me without me knowing and without previously warning anyone that it would be coming... so I personally did not need a receipt or need to sign anything when...
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    Getting a DNI

    Hi there Steve and others, wondering if you could help with a quick question. I have my precaria for my work visa and am at the stage of waiting for the DNI to arrive to my house. The tramite is resuelto according to Migraciones but it has not arrived yet. If it doesn't arrive before May 28 I...
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    DNI LIST (the queso grande of all DNI questions for US citizens)

    When applying for a work visa with a company sponsoring you (aka they provide a contract and have proof of being registerd with afip and renure), you do NOT need your birth certificate. I have been doing this process during the last month and they did not ask me for this when I went to Migraciones.
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    Book Exchange on Sunday 29

    I'm in! I have about 6 or 7 books that I've read already and would love to change them for some new ones. Just let us know when and where!
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    Kindle Book Club? Or the like?

    Me too with a Kindle! Not sure which book to choose though, never been in a book club before :)
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    my experience getting my iphone 3g unlocked

    Hi Nandrin, thanks for the info! I'll be bringing my iphone 3g back down shortly and need to get it unlocked. Do you know if the phone needs to be jailbroken beforehand or can they do everything there? Did you have to leave the phone with them for a long period of time? Also, do you have a...
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    Residency at BA Migraciones, September 2011 update

    This is great info, thanks! Quick question-- I am currently going through the process of getting a work visa and have my FBI report and apostille all set and translated/legalized, dated May 2. However, I am going back to the States on Thursday and will be reentering Argentina Oct 16. Does...
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    Should I Do a Visa Run?

    This is somewhat related-- I'm in the process of getting a work visa (have job, FBI report, birth certificate all ready) but have overstayed my tourist visa. I'm assuming that if I want to get the work visa I'll need to have a valid tourist stamp in my passport, no? Anyone been through this...
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    Best bank for low international atm fees?

    I actually just switched to Charles Schwabb...the only "catch" with them is that you have to open a brokerage account along with your checking account. However, they say on their website that you don't actually have to use the brokerage account, so it's not really a catch at all. I opened my...
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    What do you like?

    i like: -the park culture- sitting outside in the parks drinking mate and eating facturas on a beautiful day -another for public transportation! i love people watching and the buses and subte are positive goldmines for interesting people -asados, especially on terraces -CHORIPAN -how the men...
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    Quiet day at the office

    yes! "che, pass me that coso over there!" i mix up accents a lot as well. i'll be speaking in english and unknowingly say a spanish frase but with a shankee accent...or the other way around. whenever i see products or places written in English, i tend to pronounce them as if they were...
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    How do I get a "Certificado de domicilio"

    check out this blog post: hope it helps! :)
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    Tips for traveling on Autobus

    check out these posts for more tips, especially on how to go about buying tickets for these long-distances buses...
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    Anybody want a cat?

    catcatcatcatcat!!! our little tragito is currently passed out on my bed, being an adorable kitten is obviously very hard work. im so glad it worked out, i had been wanting a cat for a while and i'm happy i got to rescue one who needed help. thanks dustin, we'll be sure to invite you over to see...
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    Any Football (soccer) kickarounds?

    hey guys! don't know if you did anything with that couchsurfing thread, but i just posted on it saying i could play with them monday and wednesday. i've never played with them before but it sounds like good soccer and a good time! you should check it out, they still need players for saturday...
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    Dinner for Ba expats

    i'm not positive i can make it, but if i can i would love to come meet some new people...based on responses it seems like there is still room available...? avisame!
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    Columbia and Venezuela ready for War

    well we all know what Juan Carlos thinks about Chávez: had to do it, it's a classic :)
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    November is Blogging Month

    how appropriate!! i've been in BA for three months now and just started a blog yesterday! its pretty much just going to be a diary of my life here in BA, with a heavy focus on food, because i love eating :) plus some other stuff: classic Argentine-isms, daily struggles, reviews, loves...