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    Giving Away Parenting Books

    I have three books in excellent conditions that I brought with myself when I came from New York. I want to give them away as I don't longer need them. If interested please PM me. The titles are: - Eat, Play and Be Healthy, W. Allan Walker, MD (The Harvard Medical School Guide to Helathy Eating...
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    Question On 7/8Yrs Old Dni Actualization

    Has anyone done this?? Do I have to make an appointment to Hipolito Yrigoyen?? Which documents do I need to take? I have been told so many different things? I don´t even trust whats on the migraciones webpage anymore.. Thanks! ;)
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    argentinian going to england

    she may also need to have health insurance coverage for all the stay.
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    Argentine playdate etiquette

    Hi! I´m local and have 2 kids and they also end school around 5PM. Let me tell you, that there is not such thing as etiquette regarding playdates here. At least none I´m aware of. So, I will answer your quuestions as If I were to invite your daughter over to play with my kids after school...
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    Party Supplies!

    If you have time and know how to move in the city, Barrio Once is the place where you will find a great variety of cotillón and good prices. Ticoral is a well known cotillón store:
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    Printer, wireless router, etc for sale

    The wireless router is still available or already sold? thxs!
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    Kid's birthday party help! Calling all parents!

    Last year my son went to a birthday party at Village cinemas. He had a blast. The kid was turning 6. Maybe for a 5 yrs old is not such a good option, but that is for you to decide. Do you have a friend with a SUM in the building?? That could be another place to...
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    Rugby leads

    You can contact Virreyes Rugby Club. The « Virreyes Rugby Social Club » teaches to these lower class children the values that rugby carries, reinstating them in the argentinan society. They received the 2010 Rugby Spirit (Espiritu del Rugby) award by the IRB...
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    Female Gynecologist

    My gyno is Liliana B. Rossi too, and I can highly recommend her too. I have friends living in Belgrano and Barrio Norte that are still going to Caballito cause they won`t change her.
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    moses basket for baby

    Angie, Try looking in Creciendo. They have shops almost anywhere in Capital Federal. Microcentro Viamonte 769 - Capital Tel.: 4322-2616 L a V de 9.30 a 20 hs. - Sáb. 10 a 19...
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    From the US: Argentina Gift Certificates

    Hi! You can try this web site. Prune is a very nice and well known store here. I know they sell gift certificates but im not sure they do it online though.
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    Traveling south - recommendations?

    Bill, the small welsh town near Puerto Madryn its called "Gaiman", if my memory is not bad. I think that there is a little museum where you can see how they used to live (welsh people I mean) when they first established there. Definetively worth the visit.
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    Anyone coming to Mar del Plata or Miramar ? Meet up?

    Thanks Lorraine, I will!!!
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    Boxed Christmas Cards?

    Unluckily there is no Hallmark store here. Some boxed Christmas cards are sometime sold in the street, to collect money for the Hospital Garraham, Red Solidaria...but pretty lame too.
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    Parenting Magazines

    Hi! I have a bunch of Parenting, American Baby, etc..magazines that I want to get rid of. They from 2004 - 2005 mainly. Some in great condition, some not that great but all of them ok for reading. Anyway if someone is interested just send me a private note. If not Ill just throw them away..but...
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    Colonia anyone?

    Hi! Click on its full of information about where to stay and what to do / visit in Colonia. The things is that its in spanish.
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    Anyone coming to Mar del Plata or Miramar ? Meet up?

    Wow..I would have never thought of a Canadian living in Miramar... What make you move to there?? I love it during the summer, but frankly in winter I find it a little depressing... Actually I live in capital federal but I have an apartment there. We rent it for the summer (january / february)...
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    Which Travel Agency?

    Hi! Not all hotels have different rates for non residents. I can book you a hotel that offers resident and non resident rates without informing your id, but when you check in at the hotel, they will ask for you DNI, or Pasaporte..and probably change the rate to a "non resident" one. Then they...
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    Can I stay overnight in Foz do Iguazu w/o Brazilian visa?

    Miro, you are welcome! I dont know if you are living in BA or just staying here for some time. But if you plan to live here, I would definetively apply for a tourist visa in order to go to Brasil. I mean, if you get caught you said you have to pay u$d 150; and if you have a visa for around the...
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    baby stores

    Hi Angie! There is a free monthly magazine called Revista Planetario where you can find activities to do with your baby, kids, places to go and different kind of stores. Follow the link to find where you can get one. Revista Planetario la guia de los chicos Regards, Gaby