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    Flouride In Bottled Water, Can You Buy Any Without?

    There is one brand bottled in Mendoza, Tunuyan precisely. It is named Glacier and contains "NO" fluoride. I've been personally aware of the dangers of it for over 20 years and consciously avoiding it for that entire time. I live in Mendoza but on frequent trips to BA I've seen that it is...
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    I Was Swindled Out Of $1000 Dollars

    I've lived in San Rafael, Mendoza for 6 years now. The BIGGEST scammers and thieves here are my fellow Americans! One, taking a BIG Doc from Michigan, for over 1 MILLION in 90 DAYS 'helping him' find and purchase 'fincas'. He is so notorious here that even the LOCAL TV station did an entire...
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    Usa Expat Opening Bank Account In Uruguay ?

    Before I start this with the nay'sayers that hang around here let me validate BEFORE we start. Here is a WSJ article from a year or two back. Here's the pertinent quote then the hot link. Wary Swiss Banks Shun Yanks Credit Suisse AG says it doesn't comment on individual clients. In general...
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    Americans Giving Up Citizenship / New Roman Empire?

    Here is the deception or, more accurate, 'simulation' of what is and has happened. This is NOT "conspiracy theory' or 'conjecture.' If you want to read this with an 'open mind' it can change you life.... If you want to continue in 'mental free fall' establishment thinking, 'buenos suerte.' I...
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    Rental Increases In Usd

    It is my understanding from doing this out here in the hinterlands of Mendoza Province that it is Argentine law that the rent, from the legal side of the owner, can be raised 15% in the second year. I have had a rental contract here written to that and I, of course, asked about it. Of...
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    Where To Invest In Gold

    Those that make this decision by simply looking at 'price' are making a terminal financial mistake. The 'price' is not the object, it is 'value' or 'purchasing power.' If you concentrate on the surface level 'price' you will never understand this, or any other, market. Wise and prudent...
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    Argentinians Switching To Bitcoin

    For what it's worth..... Europe is not the only region to test Bitcoins. Last week, Simon Black reported that companies in Argentina are turning to Bitcoins to bypass recent draconian capital and market controls. Black features a car rental company that has not only begun accepting Bitcoins but...
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    There Is Snow In The Forecast! Any Skiers/boarders Here?

    Wanted to know if anyone here has skied Las Leñas, what your experience of the place was, and any suggestions for 1) A quick 3-day trip (just to get my fix) or 2) a week-long trip with never-before skied 8 and 12-year old kids. How is the ski school, etc? I have yet to find an actual trail map...
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    Mendoza help pls?

    Hi N, I live in San Rafael 150 miles away and don't get up there too much but if they're only there for two days they will not have any problems filling the time. HOWEVER, tell them to be careful, they have had some pretty blatant crimes against tourists, especially, up there in the last...
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    Looking for feedback on "Slingbox"

    I am an avid LSU and SEC fan. The solution I have found, without spending all that extra cash per month, is have a friend set up a camera in front of his HD TV and shoot it down Skype... Works like a snap.......
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    Looking for feedback on "Slingbox"

    I am an avid LSU and SEC fan. The solution I have found, without spending all that extra cash per month, is have a friend set up a camera in front of his HD TV and shoot it down Skype... Works like a snap.......
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    can one buy gold in pesos legally?

    If you are not talking about large amounts you might also consider silver of some sort. Many experts in the metals area consider silver to be the better performer in the future due to it's myriad of industrial usages with more being developed everyday. That coupled with the fact that most...
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    clamping down on perma-tourists

    Maybe they want people on tourist visa's to seek residency so they are on the radar screen, then they can start collecting taxes from them? After all the government seems very short on cash Right on the head of the nail.....
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    Buenos Aires is not the Only City in Argentina!

    I planted in San Rafael, Mendoza and absolutely 'love' living in this smaller city. Have certainly had 'ups and downs' but this is the place I want to stay. Have met the love of my life and she is from one of the best families in town and that further solidifies my future here. I have been...
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    Argentina signs deals with China's military

    This should make y'alls day... With the situation in both Paraguay and Bolivia of the CIA, evidently, trying to overthrow the two countries governments to, again evidently, get closer to Venezuela this seems like a logical move. "Sword rustling" or "posturing" I would think. Even somewhat...
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    Officially Done with BA

    My initial question would be. How did they know to pinpoint your apt? If it is a highrise there were 'many' to chose from.... Smacks of an inside, "targe the jankee" kind of robbery to me from what has been said here... TC
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    Are people watching this - could become serious

    CK and this clown she has as the Pres of the Central Bank HAVE to tax like this and probably even 'higher.' If they do not 'tax out' the huge amounts of currency they are flooding the market with the inflation will start going the way of the Wiemar Republic, Zimbabwe, etc....... These are the...
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    The Gold Standard?

    May I suggest that you go back and put some 'objectivity' in your claims? First, your statement about stocks outperforming gold over the long term are simply erroneous and very misleading. Have you, or did you source, use the Federal Reserve's OWN inflation calculator (Minn branch website)...
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    YPF/Repsol A Different Point Of View

    A little different viewpoint from what I have seen on the YPF situation. Note that the writer is Argentinian. ARGENTINA BUCKS BANKING ELITE
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    The Gold Standard?

    In my efforts to reform the thinking/conditioning of those of you still firmly in the Keynesian camp another alternative for growth and understanding. Henry Ford once said, "the monetary system (NOT the economy) is the single most important subject ANY man can study." Now, Senor Ford was a...