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    Tango Buddy

    Back home (west of Seattle) I have been dancing Tango for about 4 or 5 years and I'm now in Palermo for 4 months to learn a little Spanish and have a bunch of Tango lessons. Back homes, outside of our regular practica and milongas I'd practice with a friend ..... any woman interested in...
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    Another pickpocket scam ...

    Was walking down Sarmiento today with my camera ... I'm convienced that a couple squirted some bad smelling liqued over me from behind and then made out that it was bird shit.... after walking a few paces, they appeared with a water bottle and tissues to help me wipe it off. Durring this time...
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    Looking to rent in Palermo

    Hi, I'm going to be in BA from 22nd April 'till 26th Aug possibly longer - learning spanish and Tango. I'm looking for a quite and spacious apartment to rent, maybe near the park. And can anyone recomend a good spanish language school please? Thanks, Michael