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    The Queen Speaks

    Watching propaganda 7 coverage of the opening legislative cycle. The unwashed masses hanging over the balconies in congress has an air of fulbol. There is little hope for this country with such mob mentality ... so sad
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    Of Hotdogs

    Not looking stir a debate of who makes the best hotdog ( we al lknow its Papaya King on 86th and 3rd) Question is , are there any good hot dog brands here in Ba ? I tried vienisima , and almost puked. Id like to knw if there is a hotdog of the type that snaps when you bite it , but Id settle...
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    Hilti Argentina - Absolute Mediocrity and Incompetence

    Rant warning ! Spent 2 weeks calling Hilti Argentina every day to get a rep to call me . Midway into the third week , Im able to get a fone number to one of the reps that services my area. Another week leaving voicemals. He finally contacts me and is more interested in explaining to me the whys...
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    Does anyone know what coleslaw is called here ? Is it called ensalada rusa ?
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    And now for something completely different

    Enjoy , I spilled stuff watching this
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    New debate topic.

    I just concluded reading this paper. Im wondering if this is a possible root of argentinas' present lack of law enforcement and political maturity . I ask the reader to read the paper then opine.
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    Architect? Structural Engineer ?

    Hi folks, once again i delve into he pool of colective wisdom with a dilema. As I had mentioned before , this place Im restoring had been vandalised . Im not talking about poo on the walls or grafiti, in some places sections of wall have been demolished, leaving severly dangeros conditions. Of...
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    Question about chinese food

    Hi , Can anyone tell me what the name of this dish is ? I forgot what the name was from when I would order it in the states. Its verry thin noodles ( lake angel hair pasta) There is a version that has veggies , a pork , beef and shrimp version also . Fung something ? What predominates are the...
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    Piracy/ Intelectual Property

    Wanted to start this thread , not sure it hasnt been discussed before. What are your thoughts on the rampant theft of intelectual property and the culture of software piracy here in argentina ? I hear many excuses from the locals, none of witch i can moraly justify.
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    Seeking Casero / Grounds keeper

    Hi , If you are interested in living rent free in exchange for watching my home and performing basic maintainance tasks in San Vicente , BA. Let me know , PM me for details. Non Drunks only !
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    The state of the construction industry

    Hi Folks. I wanted to yammer on a bit about my experience here as it pertains to Framing and Dimensional Lumber. As some of you might know , Im in the process of refurbing a house that I was able to recoup from a group of nasty squatters. In the states , I worked a bit in the framing...
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    Heeeeeeelllp !!!!!

    Hi , Hoping i can get some help. Im refurbishing my house after having taken it back from usurpadores. As you can imagine the scumbags , upon being notified about the pending eviction completely vandalised the crap out of it. The ( present) problem i have is that i have a crafstman screwgun...
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    IPhone and kayaks

    Have a couple of things for sale. Apple Iphone 3g 16 gig Kayaks 2 ( Brought them over from the states in a container with my other things , now i have no use for them , come with paddles. One is a fiberglass single scout '70s vintange , the other is a light weight material , 2 seater (...
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    Help with Plumbing Fixture

    Hi , General shout out to all the members in the hope someone can deliver me from my plight. I am restoring a bathroom and need to make it right. I am seeking a manufacturer of under the sink traps. Yo know , the ubiquitous S o double U that traps hair and engagement rings with a screw out plug...
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    Seeking help with development project

    Hi I have 9 hectares that Im looking to subdivide and develop into a gated community. Its in the San Vicente area in Ba. Question is , are there any reputable AMERICAN developers operating in BA someone might point out ? Best, Fabe
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    Greets Y'all

    Hi Im Fabe. Although I was Born in Arg, I lived the better part of my life in USA. Im here in Arg to unravell my late fatheres estate. And to hopefully develop some real estate projects Best, Fabe