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    Lost Bank Card.

    I've been unlucky enough to lose my bank card, after turning my place upside down I decided I should cancel it before someone else started having fun with it. Being reasonably well prepared (so I thought) I had another account and another card, however I tried to use it and it was declined. It...
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    Buying a vehicle in Argentina

    Hi, I'm new here and want to buy a vehicle to get me around. Does anyone know the law and if there are any restriction on foreigners buying vehicles here? Also what other things go along with owning a car here? Insurance, car taxes & roadworthy certification?!?!?!? I will be based here...
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    New in town

    Hi I've been in BA for almost a month now. I'm here to set up a company and would like to meet others people in a similar situation for advice and just a laugh. I like to run but would really like to get together with people to relax and chat. Is there a regular thing or maybe we all just...