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  1. Iznogud

    Government wants to set up news censorship agency

    Argenzuela sounds like a slut. Venetina, more like a ladies underware. What's next?« Frente para todos, les guste o no»? Iz
  2. Iznogud

    Local Tourism Expenses $$ 50% Refund by Government...!

    Those magnificent announcements are for suckers only. Remember how the previous dollars «refounds» worked. There were more trouble than solution and most of those cheap enough to seek a refund eventually desisted after realizing it would paint a fiscal bullseye on their backs. Some didn't even...
  3. Iznogud

    Living in a house in Capital Federal

    Would you please share asking prices? Iz
  4. Iznogud

    Argentina is going to space

    Menem lo hizo! Back in the 90s, Carlos Saul promised space travel from Cordoba to Tokyo in 90 minutes. This must be the final arrangements. Next, the bullet train Nestor envisioned... Stay tuned. Iz
  5. Iznogud

    Local Travel/Airbnb

    Beware, the reason for the Barrio Privado's existance is precisely not letting in people unknown. Therefore, a weekend rental seems out of the question. Landlord might not bother to ask, decide to ignore or simply trick you. Plenty of that going on right now and prices skyrocketing now that...
  6. Iznogud

    How many people are contributing to this forum?

    Definitely, NOT me. Ask around... Iz
  7. Iznogud

    Crime spirals out of control in Rosario

    Suit yourself. But if after 15 years of posting on different boards and going to every possible meeting two guys clam up with the same explanation and then vanish, i'd listen and pay attention to what they were saying. But you know better, BTDT, right? Iz
  8. Iznogud

    Crime spirals out of control in Rosario

    Have two friends there. Both police officers. They say it's a war zone. One went radio silent years ago because he couldn't trust anybody anymore within the Force. All crooked, bought and paid by the narcos. If you're not one of them, you are a risk and at risk. They had shootings at shouting...
  9. Iznogud

    Hanging in there?

    Igor :"Could be worse." ... Igor: "Could be raining." With ups and downs. Quit my job after almost 30 years, not going near the area in these conditions. Usually not safe in a good day and pay was nowhere near reasonable. Had enough. Most happy with the spousal unit, missing the rest of the...
  10. Iznogud

    Servicio domestico in times of Covid

    Reasonable and legal don't go hand in hand these days. If she lives at walking distances, i'd say go for it. If she needs transportation and she's stopped it may land you both in trouble. Also, if it's just for an hour it is definitely not worth the potential trouble. Iz
  11. Iznogud

    Servicio domestico in times of Covid

    ^^^^^^ Those types of cleaners, not the household kind but the building maintenance type, are now part of the Essential Ones, and are permited to work and fare in public transportation. Janitors are not defined as such but included in the Limpieza added category. Iz
  12. Iznogud

    The Secrets to Thriving in Argentina.....

    Being the great pessimist that I am, i'd like to point out that whatever it was, it might be much much worse in the future. We have difficult years ahead with our economy in the toilet and a ruling party and people that have no talent chosing the less damaging path for us chickens. Hoping for...
  13. Iznogud

    Servicio domestico in times of Covid

    Law says NO, for now, unless the cleaning person lives where he/she/it works. If said individual is legally registered with Afip, you should pay as if work was done, even if person doesn't show up. Many are stuck in this situation. Cleaning ladies are not allowed to use public transportation...
  14. Iznogud

    The Secrets to Thriving in Argentina.....

    I'm a local so my advise is completely based on my own personal experience after moving to another country with a different culture and language: GO NATIVE! While in Rome.... Best, way to enjoy the experience in having both points of view. Might not be pleasant at times and it has its share of...
  15. Iznogud

    Erotic act in chamber of deputies session

    I repeat: They did HIM a HUGE favor by accepting his resignation and letting him keep his perks, privileges and civil rights. They should have gone forward with the procedure and politically crucify the dickhead. But that would have required a group of better people and not a simple frown by...
  16. Iznogud

    Erotic act in chamber of deputies session

    Generally speaking, one of the many security concern people should keep in mind regarding today's smart devices is the ability/possibility of activating cameras and microphones remotedly. Spying is only a click away. ALWAYS. You might have seen more than once the notebook camera lens covered...
  17. Iznogud

    30 year old couple moving to $2,000 a month realistic?

    Present and future dilemma for rental units owners is to stick to their guns and hope for the (unlikely) best or drop their pants down and not have to cover all the bills for a luxurious empty appartment in a well to do area. BTDT and it ate all my savings. You guys are welcome to take...
  18. Iznogud

    locked out of my canadian online banking!

    If and when you get on top of this, find out if there is no bank app for your phone or token for your computer to permanently validate your devices. Unless you already have them and they're useless. In which case it'd be useful to know this for the rest of us chickens. GL Iz
  19. Iznogud

    Erotic act in chamber of deputies session

    Not even the legal wife. But she's a "compañera militante". Bet she's also very gauchita too. Can't blame him for checking what he just paid for. Or blame the wifi signal for breaking up. Basically, there's no one or nothing to blame. Carry on. Blame us for being a bananaless banana republic...
  20. Iznogud

    30 year old couple moving to $2,000 a month realistic?

    The local saying is «billetera mata galán», meaning fat wallet/deep pockets beats cute/handsome. Cevice, nightlife happened during the 80s for me. Abroad. Disco still sucks! Don't have a clue about the local culture, naturally being a local. Blind to things happening right in front of me...