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  1. tez

    I Stumbled Into A Great Bookstore

    This probably won't interest the majority of readers, but I walked into a bookstore that I really liked today and I wanted to share it. You can find their information here: I walked into the one on Santa Fe near 9 de Julio. It's a beautiful shop, much nicer on the inside than...
  2. tez

    Brand New Objective-C Programming Book For Sale

    Brand new, Objective C Programming, The Big Nerd Ranch Guide. I like the Big Nerd Ranch guide. I purchased it for us$39.99, for sale for us$30 or 180 pesos.
  3. tez

    Flash Give-Away! Free Art Supplies, Must Pick Up Soon

    I've got a few things, pictures can be seen here: Some varnish, stuff for doing craqueado, india ink, gesso, etc. Also a big bag of fairly expensive glitter, and a bag of pasta piedra mix...
  4. tez

    Books For Sale, Some Things Free To Good Home, Pottery

    I have some books I have to get rid of, very sad as I never like to part with my books but such is the life of a wanderer... :huh: Each book is for sale for US$5 or about the official rate in pesos. Five books for US$20, ten books for US$30. (Or in pesos respectively: 25, 100, 150) You can see...
  5. tez

    An anecdote from LA to remind that Arg's aren't the only ones with attitude problems

    Hello BAexpaters, greetings from Los Angeles. I decided to take a break from my BA-break to write about my day, in case anyone is feeling homesick. Whenever I come to LA I do a lot of bikram yoga because we have a great studio that I miss the entire time I am away. Since I'm here for a while...
  6. tez

    Anyone else receive an email from the Obama International Effort?

    I received an email today from the International Co-chair of Americans Abroad, in regards to the upcoming election. Evidently someone from the Obama International Effort is coming to Argentina and he's getting in contact with Democrats abroad, which is how he found me. Has anyone else received...
  7. tez

    Theater: Sombras en la Mente

    I know people are often interested in finding good theater shows here, so I'll share the one I went to see Friday night: First of all, it's in Spanish. I bought the ticket 2x1 from, which is a risk but the...
  8. tez

    Don't run, fly--- a different way to get to Uruguay

    Any visa runners still out there? Well anyone interested in taking a charter flight from San Fernando instead of a boat-bus, the flight is only 20 minutes and if you're a group of four it's less per person than it costs to take Buquebus to Colonia!!! Plus flying over the delta, amazing. I figure...
  9. tez

    Bag stolen at Las Cabras, Feb 22nd

    Hey everyone, there's no real purpose to my message but to say I had my bag stolen from Las Cabras yesterday. It sucks, I should have known better, we were with a wedding party and I think it happened during a speech. Just be careful!
  10. tez

    Relationship podcast about life in Uruguay, in case anyone is interested.

    I came across this podcast today and thought I would share it in case anyone is interested. Just this one episode has any relevance to the Rio de la Plata area. It's about modern marriage, or the decision to not marry, and what means "marriage," in Montevideo...
  11. tez

    ATM Exchange Rates

    Inspired by a recent post on an old thread here about ATM fees (, I decided to do some math and really check what the exchange rates I am actually getting from the ATM machines are. The advice has always been...
  12. tez

    Computer programming classes in BA?

    Not sure which category to place this in... I would like to take some computer programming classes, but I'm not sure where to start or where to look... I'm not completely computer-language ignorant, but I haven't taken any formal classes and everything I know is self-taught. I really just...
  13. tez

    best place for leather boots?

    Hello all. I am ready to buy a new pair of boots. Does anyone have any favorite places with good quality boots? I don't mind paying 1000 pesos if they are good, attractive, SEWN boots, but what I tend to find is crap crap crap. The few times I've found nice ones they haven't had a color I like...
  14. tez

    Theater buddy?

    Hey, Anyone want to be my theater buddy? I love going, but it's hard to find people to go with me. I'd like to go maybe twice a month, depending on what's available. Things are in Spanish so it will have to be someone who understands... Maybe I'll look for some things that are out right now to...
  15. tez

    Poker night part deux

    Hey hey, So about a month ago we had a poker night and I promised to host one at my place. Well, the time has come! This Wednesday at mine. Preference given to the previous players (1 already confirmed), plus a friend of mine coming means there isn't a lot of room, but interested people let me...
  16. tez

    Last-minute invite to paintball tomorrow (Sat) morning... anyone interested?

    Hey everyone, I know it's last minute, but some friends and I have some Groupons for paintball tomorrow morning. We have ten and half the people we expected to come aren't coming after all, so we have some extra spaces. Anyone interested? Everything is included for 30 pesos, but most will...
  17. tez

    ArteBA -- artist to check out

    Hey everyone, As most know ArteBA is this weekend, the 19-23. Below is the flyer for my art teacher, Lula Spotorno. Biases aside, she does some really beautiful work and I recommend you all check out her gallery's stand! Enjoy~~
  18. tez

    Chocolate in Ushuaia or Bariloche?

    Hello! I'm currently in Ushuaia and within the week I'll be making my way up to Bariloche. I'd like to buy some gifts of chocolate for people... Can anyone recommend a great chocolate sho? Is bariloche or Ushuaia better? I'm inclined to Bariloche only because it means less time carrying things...
  19. tez

    The Story of Cosmetics, worth watching Along the same vein is an interesting lecture series I ran accross: That is the specific one on consumer awareness, but there is a whole series of 9 lectures by various distinguished...
  20. tez

    Tennis Coach -- looking for*

    This is a repost, so sorry for those of you who already ready this, but does no one have a recommendation for a tennis coach?! I was so surprised I had to post again with a slightly more specific title. I'm looking for a tennis coach who would be available to coach me twice a week in the...