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    Which barrio do you live in?

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    Grammar and writing Spanish class at Centro Rojas

    Just thought I'd share a little information with people at the upper-intermediate Spanish level who are trying to improve their writing skills. The Centro Cultural Ricardo Rojas offers a few different writing classes (amongst many others). Right now I'm taking a Redacción y gramática class and...
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    Poll - How much do you spend a month?

    I also put less than U$S500. Similar to guillegee and the bookcellar, I rent a room in a Ph, eat at home, don't really shop for clothes or go to clubs/bars very much, always take public transportation, etc etc. Mainly hang out at other friends' houses or house parties. Luckily there is a lot...
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    Hair Salon

    I just got back from this salon and Mercedes cut my hair and I was very unhappy with the results. I asked for someone who knew how to cut curly hair and they obviously ignored me because she does not know how to work with curls or waves. I even bought a special book full of hairstyles and...
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    Office work for English Speakers with Possibility of Travel (Capital Federal)

    Hi, I am a native English speaker who has been living in Santiago, Chile for the last 8 months and would like to move to Buenos Aires. Please send more information about employment to