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    Servicio domestico in times of Covid

    Is anyone using a maid / cleaning lady at home at the moment? I was googling a bit whether they are already allowed but the information I found is not very conclusive.... We have a house (tipo chorizo) in CABA, and looking for someone who is keeping it clean; for now the idea is having someone...
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    Hyperinflation ante portas

    You don’t have to agree on anything that economists such as Javier Milei are saying. But I certainly share his view that the inflation will accelerate very sharply, and rather sooner than later. Do you prepare yourself for this scenario? If yes, how? Some thoughts • obviously you try to...
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    I am living for almost two years here in Argentina (on a tourist visa). In these two years I went three times to Europe, two to three weeks each time for work related matters. Otherwise i made a couple of day trips to Colonia and Chile (while I was vaccationing in Patagonia). No overstays before...