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    Ray Ban Wayfarer 50Mm Brand New To Sell

    The only thing I know (cause I checked) is that in the shops they cost $1900. I thought $1700 was a fair price but I can be a bit more flexible if someone is really interested.
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    Ray Ban Wayfarer 50Mm Brand New To Sell

    Yes, because 95% of those are fake in case you didn't know. :-)
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    Ray Ban Wayfarer 50Mm Brand New To Sell

    what happened?
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    Ray Ban Wayfarer 50Mm Brand New To Sell

    Hello all, Whoever is interested feel free to PM me. The sunglasses are original but they're just too big for the shape of my face, I can't change them cause they were bought in the US. AR $1700 Thanks!
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    You Know You're Living In A 3Rd World Country When...

    you obviously have no idea what a 3rd world country is...
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    Birthday drinks

    Hi everyone! By talking to another expat I came up with the idea of inviting everyone to my birthday drinks on saturday, If any of you is feeling lonely or have no plans or any friends yet you're welcome to celebrate with me and my friends (some of them expats as well). Place: The Shamrock...
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    Danish journalist keen on meeting new people

    You can't ask that to a lady!! haha If you come you can guess ;-). My name is Ana by the way and anyone else who would like to come is more than welcome. The more we are the more fun! Besos
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    Danish journalist keen on meeting new people

    Hi Pernille! If you have no plans for this saturday you're more than welcome to come to The Shamrock (on Rodriguez Peña street, Recoleta) , I'm celebrating my birthday around 11pm and there will be a few expats as well. Saludos!
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    Looking for Spanish speaking babysitter

    Hi! I'm currently working for four expat families but I will be available in january, If you're interested I can send you some references via e-mail. Regards
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    Nanny for two year old little girl

    Hi Julie! I am a babysitter currently working for four expat families but I do have some extra time. If you're interested please send me a PM and I could give you some references . Thanks!
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    English and German speakers for translation projects

    Hi! I am fluent in english and spanish, If you are interested please send me a PM. Thanks!
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    CFK 24% approval says CNN Latino

    well, if you ask Cristina she's gonna say SIIIIII!!!!!!!!
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    Burns Night and or ceilidh?

    sorry guys, im argentinian, did irish dancing for 5 years, my boyfriend is irish so i know what you're talking about, no ceilidhs in pubs or anything like that, the only place where you can do that is in scottish and irish balls and festival, if you're interested ill let you know.
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    Feliz Dia de la Primavera!

    Get her flowers! :-)
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    Looking for babysitter/nanny

    Hi! I work for two american families, a dutch one and a british one. If you're interested send me a PM. Regards
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    Let's Start La Cámpora Wing for Our Expat Children!

    joeteixido: exactly!
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    how to dispose of a pet that has died

    dont go to Instituto Pasteur, is a horrible place, since you dont have any place to burry the cat I would cremate it if i was her, just go to the vet
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    How to verify a reference in Buenos Aires

    Hi! My sister is a personal assistant, she worked for two american business men and she has references letters, you could check them by calling them or sending them an email. She actually posted and add in this website...
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    Spring/summer-ish, those months are not usually hot enough to wear shorts (especially september) but we definitely dont wear boots or scarves anymore. Light jackets, white jeans for example, flat shoes, t-shirts and dresses
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    Reporting contact with an international fugitive in BA?

    you have to contact Interpol