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  1. Girino

    Prisoners Vote As Well

    It comes as a surprise to me. Do prisoners have a right to vote in your home country? LA NACION - Elecciones 2017: Ricardo Jaime y Lázaro Báez, los primeros presos K que votaron en Ezeiza -
  2. Girino

    Let's Talk About M...

    I have been following the whole Maldonado drama since its beginning. My source of information is La Nación, which is overtly anti-K but interviewed both sides of the story. 1) I do not understand why Maldonado-Mapuche and kirchnerismo fall under the same flag. The land they are claiming have...
  3. Girino

    Work Hours In Buildings In Capital

    We are doing some renovation works and we've been receiving complains from our neighbors since day 1. Every single day we hav someone buzzing at our door to express how pissed they are with the noise. There is a guy who asked to start after 10AM because he plays in nightclubs and comes home...
  4. Girino

    Work Hours In A Building In Capital

    We are doing some renovation works and we have had complains from almost every neighbor in the building. I have been threatened with a claim filed with the local police, I was told 'We can't live like this' / 'I couldn't eat because of the noise' / 'There is a pregnant woman in the building who...
  5. Girino

    American Pigs Welcome!

    It looks like you'll finally have your bacon here:
  6. Girino

    A Bomb Package Exploded In Puerto Madero

    It was sent at the premises of the company handling the vote count this Sunday.
  7. Girino

    Underfloor Heating

    It appears winters are getting colder in Buenos Aires and homes were not built with the proper insulation and/or heating systems. I am curious about underfloor heating systems and wonder if they are a popular choice. Any of you has it? I gather that there are two types of systems: those with...
  8. Girino

    Dishwasher Rack Replacement

    My Bosch dishwasher (brought over when I moved) racks are rusted and are bursting. Bosch does not sell dishwashers in Argentina, but I suppose racks are similar to other brands. I can't seem to find them on Mercadolibre - maybe I am looking for the wrong thing? I am searching using rejillas...
  9. Girino

    Getting A Copy Of Someonelse' Sentence

    I am helping an Argentinian friend with some paperworks. He would need a copy of his divorce decree that needs to be translated by a sworn translator. He lives out of the country. Can I go get a copy on his behalf?
  10. Girino

    I Am Looking For An Apple Tv

    I am looking for an Apple TV or other thingy that will make smart my TV. I am not looking for the latest model, just a working one to be able to watch Netflix. Since there are many expats traveling from/to outside and upgrading their electronics, maybe someone of you is looking to sell...
  11. Girino

    Schwab Asks Proof Of Residential Address

    I have been a client with Schwab for 3+ years. When I initially opened the account, they said my address is not recognized as a residential address (it is not, I am using SBI mailbox service, which is a physical address, albeit not residential), but at the time I was in the US and I walked in a...
  12. Girino

    Hit By The Storm

    Tonight a violent storm hit San Isidro, eradicating the tree in front of our place. It was a green screen that gave us privacy against our neighbors, and a source of entertainment to the cats living in the building. Luckily, nobody and nothing was harmed, but we have to live with curtains on and...
  13. Girino

    Watching Us Shows From Here

    I am trying to figure out how I can watch US shows from here: Netflix - No longer offers IP masking HULU - In theory just for US customers, but you can mask your IP and use it Chrome Cast - ??? Amazon Prime - ??? AETV - you can mask IP and watch, but it is full of ads (every 10' or so) I'd...
  14. Girino

    Treatments To Sanitize And Remove Smell

    Our cat poo-ed on the iPad cover. It stinks! The cover top is made out of carbon fiber, but it is covered with a layer of tissue, that has impregnated with poo. I have tried bleach, alcohol, white vinegar.... but the smell is still there. Do you think there is something like dry-cleaning for...
  15. Girino

    Coffee Chat Thursday Nov24Th.16:30-19 Hr. San Isidro

    We are only 4 days away from this month's Zona Norte Coffee Chat! Beat the heat in the wonderful back garden of this small book shop in the historic center of San Isidro! Coffee, drinks and food available. Nov, Thu 24th 4:30 PM @Boutique del Libro, 461 Chacabuco, San Isidro. Full details...
  16. Girino

    Tax On Assets Abroad

    I have been consulting with a local accountant to check my fiscal status here. He says I should make a declaración jurada of my assets abroad (on April 2017) and that I will likely have to pay something for the money deposited in my foreign accounts (money earned before moving here). It seems...
  17. Girino

    24Th November 2016 Coffee Chat Zona Norte (San Isidro)

    [posting this again with more details] Looking to spend a spring afternoon away from the hectic pace of BA? Don't miss this opportunity to meet fellow expats residing in the northern riverside suburbs and a chance to visit the historic municipality of San Isidro...
  18. Girino

    Coffee Chat Zona Norte - November 2016 (San Isidro)

    For those who missed the previous Zona Norte Coffe Chat, you are given another chance! Nov, Thu 24th 4:30 PM @Boutique del Libro, 461 Chacabuco, San Isidro. Walk across the bookshop, there is a back garden safe and quiet and a coffee bar. You can't miss the place - it is the colorful building...
  19. Girino

    Coffee Chat Zona Norte - October 2016 (San Isidro)

    We, the expats of Zona Norte, call for a Coffee Chat next week. Do you have any preference about the date? Would Wednesday 12th be okay? Or would Friday work better? My proposal is the following: Oct, Wed 12th 4:30 PM @Boutique del Libro, 461 Chacabuco, San Isidro. Walk across the bookshop...
  20. Girino

    English Teacher Needed - Uba Martinez

    Cursos de Capacitacion en la UBA sede Martinez OFERTA LABORAL Nos encontramos en la busqueda de profesores de INGLES Requisitos: Edad : Mayor a 25 años. Experiencia en docencia ( Con referencias) Aquelas personas interesadas pueden adjuntar su CV a Tel Llamadas: 4836-2539 WhatsApp...