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  1. Girino

    Need US legal documents, POA, notarized

    Online notaries + pandemics = Use your brain!
  2. Girino

    Transporting cats as cargo

    Please fly Delta, they allow cats in the passenger cabin. Avoid cargo at all costs. There are just so many things that can go wrong, from the crates being mishandled at the airport, crushed by other luggage, the crate door opening, animals who froze to death because the heating was not turned...
  3. Girino

    For those of you who are good or bad is your Castellano accent?

    With just that sentence alone, they'll know why.
  4. Girino

    How can I buy an international money order in US dollars?

    Money orders cannot be sold online. They have to be bought in person. In some countries, Western Union offers international money orders. However, when I inquires to my local branch, they didn't have a clue of what I was talking about. Either you use a different payment method or ask a friend...
  5. Girino

    Companies Flee Argentina, and Coronavirus Is Just One Reason

    They are dumb because even if they are rich, they keep living shitty lives in Argentina. If I had 40 millions dollars like Máximo Kirchner, I wouldn't spend my days in Argentina badly dressed and faking I am not rich. I have never seen these 'rich people' enjoying a luxurious vacation in a...
  6. Girino

    Paying "expensas" by wire transfer from US bank?

    I initiate the transfer in ARS and it is converted to slightly better than the official rate (today, 71,3505) using my balance in USD. I still see this operation as allowed, so I don't see why it shouldn't work. I did it last one year ago when the blue was almost identical to the official rate...
  7. Girino

    The Mysterious Pipers of Palermo

    It happened to my FIL ten years ago and to my husband last year. Both born and raised here. And I read about it on local FB groups, too.
  8. Girino

    The Mysterious Pipers of Palermo

    There is also a popular scam involving them, and faking a misunderstanding on the price. Once the job is done, they keep asking more money. When you resist, an accomplice appears to suppor his pal. At that point, you are in trouble and have to give them what they want or else... Stay away!
  9. Girino

    Paying "expensas" by wire transfer from US bank?

    I pay them using Transferwise, it works like charm. They use a local bank (BBVA, I think) for the actual payment to the consorcio, so the consorcio doesn't even know I am paying from abroad. It costs just 1-2 dollars (it depends on the transferred amount).
  10. Girino

    Baking paper money to destroy virus

    ROTFL! Look who should have put down the glass...
  11. Girino

    Baking paper money to destroy virus

    If the first quote reads '60 degrees Celsius (140 Fahrenheit) was not enough to kill the virus' and the second quote reads '92 degrees Celsius for 15 minutes could render the virus completely inactive' how on earth do you end up thinking that baking at 33 celsius if effective?! Just for...
  12. Girino

    American Family With Young Kids Looking For Nanny

    I am not looking for a nanny, I am looking for a speech therapist. And I can't read nor send PMs...
  13. Girino

    American Family With Young Kids Looking For Nanny

    Allie, how can I contact you? The PM function of this website is not working for me. Can you contact me on IG? my handle is sera[nospace]fotsi (just remove the text within brackets and the brackets)
  14. Girino

    What's an effective way to promote a food product in BA?

    There is plenty of locals selling food on FB (viandas, cakes, salads, you name it). If yours are flour-free, you can try advertise on celiac groups. If you can make a dairy-free one suitable for vegans, there are several vegan groups, too. Unlike here, on FB the locals are not much worried by...
  15. Girino

    5G is coming to Argentina

    It's actually already available in some cities with plan to reach 120 cities by 2021.
  16. Girino

    Pan Dulce

    What they call pandulce here is the Spanish version of Pan Dulce from Genova, which was a sort of bread filled with dried and candied fruits (see below). Here they use the same name also for Panettone (the spongy, tall one, see below) from Milan which is the one I think @sergio is referring to...
  17. Girino

    Even back then, Argentina was a weird place

    Are you aware that this was an Italian TV show broadcasted on Berlusconi's TV network, right? Non è la RAI
  18. Girino

    a more pleasant Fernet

    I have never seen chinotto outside of Italy. If you like this sort of non sweet beverage, have a try at cedrata (citron juice). They are pretty popular in summer and have had a comeback in the last 10 years. And Mauricio Macri's family is from Calabria, and not Sicily.
  19. Girino

    Living the 'vida loca' in Buenos Aires

    Non c'è rosa senza spine.