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  1. Ries

    Sewing Machine For Sale

    I am selling my sewing/embroidery machine. Maquina coser y bordadora. Its an older Babylock, which is a premium brand that is manufactured by Brother. Model Ellure, it does all kinds of sewing, as well as computer embroidery up to 5" x 7" Babylock Ellure ESL...
  2. Ries

    Jan 20Th Or 21

    Is anyone planning to go to the American Embassy to protest the abominable choice of the POTUS. i am thinking to go with sign that says Lo Siento! Still thinking about whether to go in solidarity with the women marching across the states the 21st or on the day of. Please if you agree with the...
  3. Ries

    Anyone Have An Office Chair For Sale?

    I need a roll around office chair that is comfortable. I would love to find a used one that isnt as insanely expensive as the new ones. maybe even two of em. Ries
  4. Ries

    Is There Kombucha Yet?

    Dilettante that I am, I only live in Argentina 3 months out of the year. Which means I havent been searching the markets since February. So, my question is, is there any premade Kombucha tea or drinks available yet? Argentina is sometimes slow to catch on to the latest fads- but Kombucha is a...
  5. Ries

    I Went To See A Band...

    I am going to try to keep track of the music I see. Saturday, this guy was playing at the Underground Market. He was entertaining, not exactly going to be the next Lady Gaga, though.
  6. Ries

    Which Bar?,0,4488769.story#axzz2mPzDgR8j The Pope was a bouncer- but where? Niceto, maybe? or the heavy metal shows at El Teatro? Was he at Cromanon the night it burned, helping people out? what a guy...
  7. Ries

    My Album of the week

    Lately I have been really into Terraplen- the Argentine band, not the Chilean metal band. This is the latest project of Gaby Kerpel, and it strikes me as quintessentially Porteno- it is the mix of Latin American and European...
  8. Ries

    Cursos de Filete?

    Anybody ever taken any classes in Filete? you know, the scroll like decorative sign painting? I am wondering who teaches good classes. Due to my schedule, right now I am looking at short classes, a day or two. Maybe later I could take a full two week or month long class, but in May, I may...
  9. Ries

    Where do I find it? Specialty Neighborhoods

    (This is meant to be a reference thread- please feel free to add actual information to it. Please refrain from lengthy discourse on how you hate the pizza in Argentina, or how the CIA is controlling your mind- we have plenty of other threads dedicated to both those subjects) Specialty...
  10. Ries

    Whats the name of the big outdoor market in the southern suburbs?

    Somebody mentioned it in the last month or so, and I could swear I bookmarked a link to it, but now I cant find it. Its in a park or racetrack down around Villa Riachuelo, and its like an american "flea market" where most of the stuff is actually new, not antiques like at plaza Dorrego. anybody?
  11. Ries

    Reasons to be Cheerful- Yarn in BsAs

    Yarn. NO, I know its nowhere near as exciting as global economic meltdowns. But life goes on. And both my wife and I are long time crochet and knitting fans, and we love buying yarn in Buenos Aires. There are all kinds of great, locally made products, priced very reasonably. While most known...
  12. Ries

    Reasons to be Cheerful- Food in BsAs

    Recently, somebody posted about how they hate the food here. To me, thats pretty incomprehensible- I love the food here- but I guess I could see it if you were vegetarian, and didnt eat carbs. Or if you were totally addicted to pre-made takeout of the wealthy yuppie variety, which I myself have...