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  1. NeoWonk

    I need a Back Doctor recommendation

    I'm looking for a back doctor / hospital recommendation. I'm in Palermo. I'd like a place that can take good x-rays or ultrasounds to see if it is an urgent problem or something that can be handled by a physical therapist.
  2. NeoWonk

    Cuba Russia and China to Head the UN Human Rights Council....!

    They should use the camp commandant from an Uighur concentration camp as chairman of the council!
  3. NeoWonk

    Poll: Which will kill more Argentines: the COV-19 Virus or the Quarantine?

    Most of us BAexpats knew this back in March, but we were lectured we had to listen to "the experts". LOL
  4. NeoWonk

    Where's a Good Small Town to Ride Out the Storm?
  5. NeoWonk

    Natural Remedies for Dealing with Seasonal Allergies in Baires

    Last year I bought Nasonex here (furoato de mometasona). I still have some left but exp 08/2020.
  6. NeoWonk

    Natural Remedies for Dealing with Seasonal Allergies in Baires

    The last two times I've been in Baires in November I've had very bad allergies that progress to bronchitis. Since some of the symptoms are similar to COV-19, viz coughing, I'd really rather avoid it. I plan to use a steroidal spray early on this year, but I would like to know if any of you...
  7. NeoWonk

    Regional Images (discuss)

    As a resident of CABA - to be represented by an anime girl is deeply offensive. I think of myself more as a Gaucho in a previous life.
  8. NeoWonk

    Time to dump the Gaucho?

    I think Cole Hersch has found a viable replacement for G. But is this representative of Argentine culture?
  9. NeoWonk

    Time to dump the peso?

    When you ask a realtor if now is a good time to buy a house, the realtor always answers "there has never been a better time to buy!" When you ask an Argentine, if now is a good time to sell the peso, the Argentine always answers: "there has never been a better time to sell!".
  10. NeoWonk

    Time to dump the Gaucho?

    Saddleback College is debating whether to dump the gaucho as their school mascot because it's offensive. "The Gaucho is traditional to Argentine culture and therefore seen as offensive to some." Is he saying Argentine culture is offensive?!?!?! WTF I say support the Gaucho! In support of the...
  11. NeoWonk

    So much for herd immunity?

    The lockdowns were a big mistake and an economic disaster. Only at-risk populations should have been locked down which would have allowed the general population to develop herd immunity. Without herd immunity in the general population, the at-risk population will be at-risk indefinitely...
  12. NeoWonk

    Where's a Good Small Town to Ride Out the Storm?

    Azul seems more of a big town but quite nice. If I had a house with a vegetable garden my life would be more interesting than it is now. LOL
  13. NeoWonk

    Where's a Good Small Town to Ride Out the Storm?

    Movie houses are a relic of the past anyways... Have you moved to Supaicha? I can't imagine you would ever leave Recoleta. What are some of the nice small towns in Buenos Aires province? At this point we still need permits to travel outside of CABA I presume.
  14. NeoWonk

    Where's a Good Small Town to Ride Out the Storm?

    Someone said that these small towns wouldn't take kindly to a stranger. That's why I'm thinking a tourist town would be more hospitable to a stranger as well as the ease of finding empty AirBNB accommodations. And I don't have a car...
  15. NeoWonk

    Where's a Good Small Town to Ride Out the Storm?

    I'm have an apartment up to October 1st. I'm hoping I might escape to the campo then. Find a small house where I can do some vegetable gardening. I'm thinking tourist towns like Villa General Belgrano, etc might be a good choice because they are used to Yanquis and other foreigners. Are there...
  16. NeoWonk

    Traveling to the USA with cash

    I thought you don't need to declare $10K or under. I'd be most worried about being stopped by the cops either here or the US. They say they smell mariquana in your car and proceed with a search. The cash is then subject to civil forfeiture. You'd be better to offload the dollars to an eager...
  17. NeoWonk

    Are there no more repatration flights to the US from Argentina?

    I read in this post, regular flights have been postponed for 60 days and someone else posted that they couldn't book flights to around a mid-October departure date.
  18. NeoWonk

    Uber will allow taxi drivers to register & offer rides (email)

    Do the Ubers have the plastic screens between the driver and passenger like the taxis have now?
  19. NeoWonk

    The Big Five Personality Test

    That's consistent with Dissociative Identity Disorder.
  20. NeoWonk

    Joe Biden picks running mate.

    Shaun King, the civil rights activist, wrote this about Joe and Kamala: And then there's this. Keeping prisoners locked up to use as cheap labor for fire fighting. What's that thing called when you force someone to work against their will with minimum compensation (Hint: starts with an 'S')...