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  1. D.B. Cooper

    US Embassy in BA Issues Updates Regarding Covid Crisis.

    Here are some helpful links and tips from the US Embassy regarding the Covid Crisis while living in Argentina. Subject: Update on Consular Section Services The Consular Section of U.S. Embassy Buenos Aires would like to update U.S. citizens regarding the Consular Services available at this...
  2. D.B. Cooper

    Electrical blackouts coming

    Got hit with two power outages yesterday. One around 6pm for about three hour. Then another one around 3:30am till about 6am. So today I stopped by the local hardware store and picked up a litter of kerosene to keep the lamps going for the next one. I have a feeling this is going to be a long...
  3. D.B. Cooper

    Peronist loyalty day Saturday October 17. (Tomorrow).

    The good news is there’s rain and thunderstorms in the forecast for this afternoon. So as they say “every cloud has a silver lining”.
  4. D.B. Cooper

    Peronist loyalty day Saturday October 17. (Tomorrow).

    Heads up everybody. Tomorrow is Peronist Loyalty Day. In case you’re not familiar with it. Here's a newspaper article on its origin. It has to do with the birth of the Peronist movement. Back then in 1945 the huge crowds coming in support of Juan Perón might have been genuine. But tomorrow’s...
  5. D.B. Cooper

    Debate Trump Vs. Biden Tonite 20.00 hrs

    I’ve watched a lot of Presidential debates in my time but I've never seen anything like the one from this week. I stayed up and watched the full 90 minutes. I think Trump kept interrupting Biden to make him look like he couldn’t concentrate or make him stutter. But I think that technique might...
  6. D.B. Cooper

    Debate Trump Vs. Biden Tonite 20.00 hrs

    Also you can watch it from the N.Y. Times webpage. They always carry the debates. And you don’t have to have a Times subscription.
  7. D.B. Cooper

    Debate Trump Vs. Biden Tonite 20.00 hrs

    I’m looking forward to it.
  8. D.B. Cooper

    Sbarro New York Pizza is coming to Buenos Aires.

    This was recently published in a BA paper. Sbarro of New York pizza chain is comin to BA. So now you don’t have to travel to NYC for that thin slice of pizza. It’s schedule to open next year. For my $$$ my favorite BA pizzeria is Banchero's on Calle Corrientes. I love it.
  9. D.B. Cooper

    Resources for women who are victims of violence in their home

    Last year a woman was murdered every 23 hours in Argentina. It was reported by one of the local papers. Pretty shocking. This year's rate is keeping up pretty much with last year’s. I was thinking,....what would happen if the genders were reversed? I have a feeling that somebody would be doing...
  10. D.B. Cooper

    Living in a house in Capital Federal

    Hi Rich,... Unless your neighbors are also the owners of the building where you live, you should tell them to mind their own business. I don’t know what it means to be in a “high risk group“. What group is that????. Yesterday I went out three times. Could have gone a few more if I thought...
  11. D.B. Cooper

    land grabs

    I see this “Social Leader“ Grabois character as just another Peronist opportunist. A freeloader parasite latching onto the coattails of the latest disenfranchised group to see how much he can get for himself. His fancy last name and his do gooder demeanor doesn’t fool me for a second. As far as...
  12. D.B. Cooper

    Lionel Messi leaves Barcelona FC. It’s the end of an era.

    Lionel Messi is leaving Barcelona FC. The end of an era. I’m sure the recent 8 - 2 loss to the Bayern Munich in the Champions League had some thing to do with it. As George Harrison said “all things must pass“.
  13. D.B. Cooper

    Next Year There Will be No Elections..!

    I think that guy is out of his mind. The days of military dictatorships are over. The whole country would not stand for it and would rise up to overthrow it. Besides, Argentina doesn’t have a standing army. That guy is totally out of touch with reality.
  14. D.B. Cooper

    CNN on Argentina

    I like to listen to CNN Radio. It’s the old Radio Belgrano 950 On the AM dial. it has Luis Majul in the AM.
  15. D.B. Cooper

    Where's a Good Small Town to Ride Out the Storm?

    While we’re on the subject of local travel, does anybody know if the long distance buses that move out of Retiro are running?. I wouldn’t mind taking a brake from BA. But I have a feeling that the options for travel are limited. Ditto for train service.
  16. D.B. Cooper

    Baires Walker - walk BsAs via youtube

    Brings back memories,.... Nobody’s wearing a mask !!! The good old days. BA is definitely a city made for walking.
  17. D.B. Cooper

    Joe Biden picks running mate.

    And the winner is...??? Kamala Harris. Seems like a wise choice.
  18. D.B. Cooper

    A story with a happy ending

    Most definitely a happy ending. There are a few videos on YouTube of Mara and her new friends exploring the BrazilIan rain forest and her new home. She must be in heaven. Free to roam and all the fresh grass she can eat. That’s good enough for me.
  19. D.B. Cooper

    VP Cristina Fernandez de Kirshner is Suing Google.

    VP Cristina Fernandez de Kirshner is Suing Google. Apparently she's not happy the way she is described in the Google web site. Suing Google may not be such a good idea. This could backfire on her big time. This could get interesting.