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    Tourism open yet?

    They have 4 hour turn around testing in Sao Paulo Airport. That seems like the best way to go.
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    End to 14 day quarantine upon arrival Looks like as of December 15th when arriving in Ezezia will be done and foreigners will pay 2500$
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    Temporary Residency through Marriage

    Does anyone have recent experience getting temporary residency through marriage? How long was the process to getting a DNI?
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    I’ve been stuck in migraciones 2 hours..won’t let me enter

    Sorry this happened Fiscal, can you tell me what they said was "wrong" with the document from the consulate?
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    Recent experiences flying into EZE?

    I don't think it will matter as PCR only applies to travellers coming from Uruguay, Brazil, Paraguay, Bolivia, and Chile
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    Did Alberto just announce no more 2 week quarantines?

    Do we have guesses on when that will be?
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    Family reunification visa

    Has anyone done the visa (during COVID) where your spouse is with you outside of Argentina?
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    September Flights

    Not an educated guess at all because nothing makes sense.. but I am taking a gamble. I have a flight booked from Canada (via USA) for Christmas. Hoping it's either 1) open to all or 2) they finally make an exception for immediate family (which I think is more work for embassies then it's worth -...
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    Borders might reopen for tourists (from bordering countries only) in a few weeks

    They are going to let tourists from countries in before allowing relatives of citizens? What a joke
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    September Flights They will announce the details today at 4 pm. They talk about family reunification but not sure if that is only for domestic...
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    When International Flights are available does that mean they will allow non-residents soon?

    I was not banned. I can go, when the restrictions are lifted,on a regular commercial flight. They denied based on that it is not an emergency.
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    When International Flights are available does that mean they will allow non-residents soon?

    I was denied through my consulate. Can anyone give examples of their success with an exception? I understand quarantining for 14 days, it's not a problem.
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    September Flights

    Does anyone know when/if they will left the restriction to just citizens or residents to enter Argentina? Is there any exception for children or spouses of citizens?
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    Argentina re-opening international flights in August!

    I thought Aeroparque was closed to International flights until December.. could this be out of El Palomar?
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    US Citizen Interested in moving to Buenos Aries

    For # 5. Vegan food is very easy to find. Dietética (health) stores are everywhere. Lots of very good vegan only restaurants too. It will be labeled vegan and easy to spot you can also ask. I can only speak for Buenos Aires.
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    Argentina re-opening international flights in August!

    Same goes for United
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    Real estate questions

    I am a Canadian, married to a Canadian-Argentine, and we plan to retire (part-time) in BsAs. We bought a place there a few years ago and will be moving there in 5ish years. When the timing is right to buy, then buy with CASH, getting cash there is an issue but can be done, be aware to make sure...
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    Sorry? Where did I say I didn't want to pay a lawyer? I am asking for how to get a lawyer, the cost and if I will need to be present in the country once citizenship is granted.. say for a ceremony or something of that nature?
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    How would I go retaining a lawyer and do you know approx how much it would cost for this procedure? Will I need to be there for when it is being finalized?
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    Hello, does anyone know if I can file for citizenship while still living abroad? I am married to a Argentine for 22 years, we also have a child with Argentine citizenship, through my husband. We were married in USA and have lived in Canada since being married. We wish to live in Argentina in the...