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    Diego Armando Maradona Dead at 60.

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    Mamaland Bioplasticos -- biodegradable bags

    I shop every Wednesday at Que Comes Cuando Comes at Pichincha 647 for organic and ecological produce. I bought a bag of cherry tomatoes, but I didn't notice the bag that Mariano put them in until I was home. The bag is labeled -- mamaland biodegradable & compostable. This is the first time...
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    Urban Environmental Plan

    We want to incorporate your vision into the City's Environmental Urban Plan. Therefore, we invite you to complete this survey, which is voluntary, anonymous, and confidential.
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    Theatres can reopen with Covid-19 protocols

    I walked past the sign so quickly that I didn't read that the movie is available on the Disney channel, not in theaters. Museums and concert venues are reopening, so I thought movie theaters were on the list.
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    Free Concerts In Buenos Aires

    CCK is open this weekend for two concerts, Saturday and Sunday at 20 hs. Reserve tickets online
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    Free Concerts In Buenos Aires

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    Theatres can reopen with Covid-19 protocols

    Haven't you seen the announcements on the street that Disney's "Lady and The Tramp" opens at theaters on November 17? This is probably the remake, but it was the second movie I saw as a child. I believe tickets must be purchased online in advance. There is a little girl on the block I'd like...
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    I'm so bored...this pandemic has killed me, is there anything to do here?

    Meditate Help others Find your purpose
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    Then go to one of the eyeglass businesses on Av. Santa Fe with the prescription and select a pair or frames or bring a pair along for the new lenses. All prescriptions are written the same.
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    Help! I need CHEDDAR!

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    Legalizations and Translations Migraciones?

    #5 is correct. The docs need translation and legalization.
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    What would you say to yourself in 25 years?

    On Monday, August 28, 2045 Clarín will be 100 years old. We want to invite you to be part of that anniversary by sending a message to yourself, addressed to your "self of the future." We will keep it for 25 years and on that date we will forward your own message to you by email...
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    Another scam making the rounds

    The letter is authentic. You would know that if you checked the name of the official who signed it.
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    Shelf life of fruit and vegetables

    Leafy greens have the highest nutrient content the day they're harvested, but you need your own garden to eat that way. That's the only way you know you are eating fresh greens, etc. I buy agroecologico and organic products direct from a farm every Wednesday in my neighborhood at Que Comes...
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    Debate Trump Vs. Biden Tonite 20.00 hrs

    FoxNews on Facebook and YouTube for those who don't have cable television. 10pm to 12am. No commercials or breaks.
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    Resources for women who are victims of violence in their home

    The invitation is sent to the mailing list. Anyone can sign up and participate. However, the call has limited places for the Zoom meeting. You will be called to confirm your attendance and then will receive the link for the meeting.
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    Resources for women who are victims of violence in their home

    I just received an email from Horacio Rodriguez Larreta for a Zoom call on Wednesday, Sept 23 at 17:25 hs. If you are interested in signing up, complete the form Hi Janis. I want to invite you to participate in this special meeting in commemoration of the National Day of Women's Political...
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    Resources for women who are victims of violence in their home

    Quarantine: consultations for cases of digital gender violence tripled Violence against women can also be virtual, so it is essential to know what the forms of violence online are. That is why it is essential that we pay attention to help in the event that someone needs it. These are the most...
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    Composting in your apartment

    Last month I attended a Zoom chat by the city on creating apartment gardens and composting. I got started with composting two days ago, using a plastic garbage container with lid that I lined with a recyclable bag. I want to reduce the amount of garbage I throw out and put it to good use as...
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    Where do you expect to be in one year's time?

    In our recent phone conversation, a milonguero said that he strongly believes we will see tango dancing in the plazas when the warmer weather arrives. Dancers know exactly what they are missing during the quarantine when all the milongas are closed -- the embrace of another human being. Humans...