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    Disco vs. Carrefour

    I shopped at Carrefour on Aguero in BA because it was very close to my apartment. Yes, I remember the incredibly long lines, but the prices weren't bad. I also bought produce elsewhere because Carrefour doesn't have very good quality fruits and vegetables, but I do miss their alfajores. Long...
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    cancelling insurance

    I have been getting Swiss Medical Insurance while I'm here and need to get rid of it so they won't keep sending bills here when I'm gone. I'm leaving tomorrow. I went to their office, and they were open, but told me I couldn't do that because it's a holiday or something. Has anyone else had...
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    packages from US

    So far, I've had 3 packages sent here from the U.S. and none of them were delivered to my apartment. I've had to go to the International Post Office to pick them up, take a number and wait-style. That's how they do things in Argentina. When the package arrives at the International Post...
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    Local Cell Phone for Sale

    I'm trying to decide whether or not I'll need the cell phone until the very last minute of my trip here. If I can't get rid of it here, I can just send it to you free of charge.
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    Books giveaway

    Hello, I'm leaving for the U.S. soon and have books I've already read that I can donate. I have seven books, six in English and one in Spanish, that are in good condition. Where could I leave these books so that I don't have to take them home? Best Regards, Brittany
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    Local Cell Phone for Sale

    Hi. Well, this is a tough decision, since somebody else is trying to give me 40 pesos for it. I will let you know my decision. Best regards.
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    Local Cell Phone for Sale

    Personal Nokia phone for sale. It's pay-as-you-go, and as long as you buy a Personal card from any kiosko once a month, it works well. It comes, of course, with the charger, and also the instruction manual and the original box it came in. I'm asking $20 pesos for it, or the equivalent in USD...
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    teaching english in argentina

    You're a lot more likely to get a job with certification. That said, I finished my TEFL course in November and I still don't have a job. So it depends.
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    Anyone From East Coast!

    I'm 22 and from Maryland, now living in Recoleta/Barrio Norte.
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    I'm thinking of going to Uruguay soon. Has anyone been to Colonia? What's there to see?
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    Looking for a Guide (and will to pay)

    If you're staying in Recoleta, I might be able to offer you some tips. While there are smaller grocery stores on every street, which is where the best produce is, the big supermarket here is Carrefour on the corner of Beruti and Aguero. Laundromats are called lavaderos and are also widespread...
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    Just arrived

    Hello. What a coincidence it is that there are so many other people from Maryland here! I also came here to take a TEFL course, but am finished now and in the process of finding a teaching job. I'm 22 years old with a Bachelor's degree in Spanish. If there's anything you need help with...
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    Cell phone for sale?

    The only company I have experience with here is Personal. They have a pay-as-you-go plan, which works fine as long as you put more money on your phone at least once every 30 days.
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    phone calls

    I have had a problem that totally mystifies me. Whenever I call a local business on the cell phone I bought here (usually I'm trying to arrange a job interview) there are 5 or 6 rings, then, 3 beeps, and the phone automatically hangs up. This happens when I call the doctor's office or...
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    Job Offer

    It really depends on your living situation. For example, I live in a homestay where my rent is less than $400 a month. Then again, the best paying job I ever had brought me around $400 a month, and that was in the U.S., where I was living with my parents after I graduated from college, so that...
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    The church I go to is Iglesia Cristiana Evangélica Bautista de Barrio Norte. It is a protestant church located at Laprida 1715 between Juncal and French. If you speak Spanish, then it's a good choice. Serivices are at 11 am on Sundays.
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    Rental Scams??

    The agency I delt with is BA Home Rental ( I haven't moved out of the apartment, so I don't know exactly how you get your deposit back, but I can assure you that when I got here, this place existed. They show you pictures of the apartment on the website. I was...
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    Was I part of a huge scam??

    Unfortunately, this happens to the best of us. I don't usually go to San Telmo, but I find that wherever you go, the best way to avoid theft is to keep your bag and anything else you have with you in plain sight all the time. I had two umbrellas stolen in a single day once in New York just for...
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    Hairdresser that speaks English?

    The hair salon I went to once has English-speaking employees. It's called Cerini and it's in Recoleta. They have a website:
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    New to BA...staying until August

    Hi, all. I´m also a recent college grad, female, from U.S.A. Would love to meet new people! I have no schedule, no job yet, so I am available pretty much any time. Saludos de Z