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  1. ajoknoblauch

    ¿fugazzeta De Exportación?

    Probably not quite what you expected: But could it rebuild the dwindling dollar reserves?
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    The Next President

    A solution to the crisis from the first genuinely honest Argentine candidate:
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    Progress In Sports

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    The Sleaze Of Soccer: Fiction Or Non-Fiction?

    See for a revealing look.
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    ¿desert Destruction Para Todos?

    The government is donating US$4 million to subsidize the so-called Dakar Rally: This does not include, of course, the subsidies already provided through the...
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    Bananarama? (So To Speak)

    I've gotten really tired of the bland bananas available in town. A fruiterer near our place in Botánico used to have red bananas, but went out of business. Does anybody know where we might find red, manzano or burro bananas?
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    The World's Worst Books?

    Sunday's NYT Book Review includes a summary of online commentary about books that "can transform a reader's life for the worse:" It's hard to disagree with the top three choices (i.e., the three worst books in history).
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    "good Country Index"

    Argentina ranks in the middle, well below Chile and just below Paraguay:
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    Is Anybody Surprised?

    Corruption? In Soccer?
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    Soccer Highlight

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    A New Use For Kale

    How long will it take Argentines to catch up?
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    The Perfect Metaphor

    Whether in Argentina or Brazil:
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    The Colossus Of The East?

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    In Illustrious Company
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    The Economist On Villa 31

    The punteros are democratic?
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    On Vigilantism: The Nordic Noir Perspective

    By novelist Jo Nesbo (from Oslo, where I will soon travel):
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    The Perfect Metaphor For Soccer
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    Argentine V. Argentinian

    I finally got around to addressing the issue at: I'm happy to hear feedback, but will not include a poll.
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    Do Argentines Consume Insufficient Chocolate?
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    Brazil's Fútbol Para Todos

    World Cup = UFO Museum: