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    Where to change Pounds Sterling for Pesos.

    On Monday, I’m travelling to BsAs for a 3 week holiday and I’ve read in certain places that it’s hard to exchange Pounds for pesos. Has anyone recently done this in Capital and could you recommend the best places to get a good rate.
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    Sea freight question

    We are moving back to the UK at the end of January, and are looking for recommendations on international moving companies. Also just as importantly, if there are companies that we should steer well away from, we would be most obliged. We've had one quote for 7900 US for 33 sq metres, which we...
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    Re: BA to LONDON flights?

    Cheapest flight to London is with Delta via the US. It cost around 1200USD, however the connection/stopover is of around 7 hours, also if she doesnt have a British passport she will need a visa for entry to the US which is another 100USD. I looked at all the options for this particular flight as...
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    Re: Chavez in BA tomorrow to protest Bush

    Yes, you should be worried, for your mental health. Why on earth should anyone pick on you if you are foreign. Be it African, Asian, Bolivian, Russian or any other race or nationality, just because Chavez might be visiting. Get a grip.