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    Working with Temp Residencia - Potential legal problem - advice needed!

    Hi All, I have a bit of an odd situation that I was hoping to get the forums perspective on since its likely others have gone through my process. I apologize that it´s long.... I´ll give the backstory but my questions essentially are: 1. Can you work legally when you have residencia...
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    Christmas Cookie Exchange?

    I have been in BA for a few years but this is the first time I will be spending the holidays here... Does anyone want to do a Christmas cookie exchange ?? (If you are not familiar with this it is an event where 5-10 people get together and each person brings a half dozen or a dozen of cookies...
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    Going rate for Editing (English)

    I work freelance doing translations but lately I have started to get requests for editing and I don´t have a very good idea about how much to charge. I am editing literary works that are translated from Spanish to English by Argentine writers so there are a lot of things that are translated in...
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    Temp Job with NYU in BA (Bilingual, 18-25 years old)

    Just passing along this search -- it´s principally for helping out during orientation but there could be other temp opportunities during the semester too.... Note: Need to Speak BOTH Spanish and English. Send Cvs to the Gmail at the bottom. Deadline June 23, 2010. Suerte. -------------------...
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    "Cambio de Categoria" Student Visa to Work Visa: Can anyone help?

    Hi Hi, I have a temporary residency and a DNI. I was able to get them because I did graduate school here and was able to request residency as a student enrolled in a program lasting 12 months or more. My residency is set to expire on December 31st, 2010. I have already finished my program so...
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    Where to buy rugs?

    I did a quick search and didn´t see any results... Does anyone know of places to buy rugs, I am moving to a new apartment and looking for some rugs for the living room. Ideally I am looking for fairly budget pieces (ie, not Buenos Aires Design) or super Chic Palermo places but modern-ish...
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    Come! Private Party tomorrow (Argentines + Intl Students + Expats)

    I wanted to pass along an invite for a party co-hosted by Buenos Aires International Students tomorrow (Saturday March 27th). I am going!!! If you´d like to meet up PM me! It is a kick-off party for the new school semester at a gorgeous event space in Palermo near the Polo fields...
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    Can you get US Dollars from ATMs?

    I felt like there were forums on this but I did a search and didn´t find anything.... Question is very simple, are there ATMs that actually can give you $$ in US dollars? I thought maybe I heard once that the Citibank downtown did give them...if anyone can confirm this that´d be great. Thanks!!
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    Gymnastics Gym in BA? Do they exist?

    Random request -- Does anyone know of a gymnastics gym in Buenos Aires? Thanks in advance!
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    Argentine Cooking Class for Groups

    Does anyone know of a cooking school, company, person, etc that offers Argentine cooking classes to groups? It needs to be a place that is big enough that a group of 15+ people could participate.... I did a quick thread search and can´t really find anything that fits what I am looking for...
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    American women: "Casting" for Beauty Product, Feb 12th, $185 pesos.

    An Argie friend of mine told me about this "casting" that is being held on February 12th for an American beauty product (I guess they are outsourcing everything these days !!), it´s supposedly like an interview and perhaps we try out the product. It pays 185 pesos (although I am not sure how...
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    Antecendentes penales...Can you get a turno?

    I need a new copy of my antecedentes penales from the policia federal on Azopardo. Question -- can I get a turno or do I have to wait in line? I did it a year ago but I cannot remember what I did! Thanks in advance!!
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    Tigre, large event space with pool. Suggestions?

    Does anyone know of an event space in Tigre that would have room for 100 people to eat (does not have to be formal dining) and have sufficient space for them to spend the day hanging out on the beach????? The place also needs to have a pool. I have been looking online and I only find hostels or...
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    Where to get an office chair fixed?

    If I was in the US I would probably just throw away my broken office chair but here things are so expensive and it seems that there are more local shops that do repairs. Does anyone know of a place I could bring an office chair to be fixed? The middle part the lifts the chair up and down has...
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    Baby Showers in Argentina?

    Do they do baby showers here? If so, are they similar to ones in the US? Do people think it´s really important to have one when pregnant....? (ie, it would be important to try to organize one for an American friend that´s pregnant here???) Any advice appreciated!
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    How to call ANSES from Abroad! Help!

    Hi all, I am trying to figure out how to do a "turno online" but none of the categories seem to apply to my situation so I want to call ANSES but they changed their number (old one: 0800 22 26737) to the 130 toll free line but that doesn´t work if calling from abroad (I am in US right now)...
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    Where to buy squirt guns?

    Anyone have an idea where to buy squirt guns? Anyone know a street in once that would sell them cheap? Thank you!
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    Non-Tango Dance Classes - Hip Hop Dance

    Does anyone know of a dance school that offers non-tango classes. I am not really looking for ballet or modern but more like hip hop, dancehall, etc. I have googled it a bit and only find places in Caballito or Devoto -- I am looking for something in Palermo, Recoleta, Once, Centro, etc .... I...
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    Stationary Store, Note Cards, etc

    I write quite a few letters to family back home and I am running out of writing supplies.... Does anyone know of a stationary store or a place to buy note cards? I am missing the large selection of note cards (like art prints on cards) that I could find in the US in places like Barnes & Noble...
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    Halloween Parties

    Hi all, Does anyone know of any BIG Halloween parties in BA this year? I know about the Cacho de Fiesta one in Puerto Madero but that´s it ... I am looking for a party that will be big -- ie, not just in a bar that fills up really fast (ie, not Sugar). Thank you!