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    Finding work for our cleaning woman

    We've recently left Buenos Aires, and would like to help our last cleaning woman get some more work. She is going to school, but has time available from something like 9AM to 2PM or so most days of the week. She did a fine job for us for a very reasonable price. She only speaks Spanish. She...
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    Favorite food delivery place

    How about a thread on favorite food places that deliver in your barrio? (Yes, I know that you can get about anything delivered in BsAs...) We stumbled on and quite like Rigoletto Cafe (4814-4777) for our area on the border of Recoleta and Retiro. They're on Rodriguez Peña right near the...
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    Source for Goo-gone?

    Anyone know of a source for Goo-Gone or the equivalent in BsAs? For those that don't know, it is a citrus-based cleaning product. You apply just a touch to a paper towel, and you can clean the 'goo' left over on glass, etc. after you take off a sticker or tape. It works great on crayon marks...
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    Central steam heating cycles

    If you live in a building with central steam heating, what kind of cycle is your heat on? In our building, they seem to turn on the heat in the evenings from about 7pm to 10pm, and then in the mornings from maybe 6am to about 10am (the radiator is still warm just now at 10:05am). I believe...
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    Battery recycling?

    Anyone know of a place to drop off batteries for recycling? I don't know if this is something that the carteneros handle. Does anyone know?
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    English play group for pre-school-aged children from bilingual or English families.

    Five little monkeys... Twinkle, twinkle, little star... Row, row, row your boat… Who took the cookie... Brown bear, brown bear, what do you see? We are parents that are setting up an English play group for pre-school-aged (2.5-4) children from bilingual or English-speaking families. This is...
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    Partner for bilingual preschool

    Tired of trying to find a real bilingual preschool, my wife (who was a preschool teacher in Argentina, a psychologist and director of the language school in Washington DC) is looking for a partner in Buenos Aires to open a small preschool with both American teachers (i.e. native English...