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    Opportunity 2 Bedroom Furnished Apartment Recoleta

    Well thats where the saying "whinging poms" came from :)
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    Argentina; land of the selfish

    Haha- whoops- got that qoute thing a bit wrong. "I could go on but it would be to the benefit of no one" -why stop now? you seem to be doing an outstanding job at doing just that, while throwing a good dose of hypocrisy in there for added measure.
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    NBC, CBS or ABC

    Skip the rest, if you want quality go for BBC, more balanced, greater depth blah blah blah
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    technological stuff....

    Hope this isnt a obviously stupid question then... but would there be a difference between shipping something here and say flying in with it in your lugage. case and point, looks likely that ill be stoping off in BsAs for about 18months starting from early next year. Was also thinking about...