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    How to deal with business issue?

    I ordered a couch set online from a business in another city. I paid using mercadopago. The set arrived and the second set peice of the couch was a different colour to the main couch and the 'accessories' were completely different to what I ordered and a different type/colour and damaged. I sent...
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    Week holiday with family in September Bariloche/Salta

    I am having my family visiting (2 yr old toddler as well - 6 people in total) and would like to go away for a week to either Bariloche or Salta. Both are similiar to get to - I'm just not sure which will offer a nicer holiday in terms of things to do and scenery?
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    Wedding suit

    Anyone here have experience with price/quality/brand for a wedding suit? Trying to decide if I get one here or from overseas.
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    Transferring Money From Overseas Into Argentina Bank Account

    It looks to me like Argentine bank accounts have a very unique method of identifying... Has anyone managed to successfully transfer money from an overseas account to an Argentine one (USD or Peso account). If so what information was required and were there any issues?
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    So it seems every man and his dog is trying to get a mortgage now they are more 'open'. From what I read the central bank offers the best rates - can someone more experienced fill me in on the details regarding interest, repayments if you can pay it off early etc and if its considered a good deal?
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    9/11 Conspiracy Theory Movie On Canal 26

    Good to see propaganda is still in full effect here even after the K's departure. Who runs this shit channel anyway?
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    Venezuela Good Times... Cristina's vision for Argentina... One of the largest oil reserves in the world and the country is completely FUCKED.. All the specialists and professionals have fled for jobs overseas and Maduro is blaming the USA... This guy.... This is the power of...
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    Stroller/car Seat Brands

    Any recommendations for a decent stroller that has detachable car seat for the baby? Seems to be a few Argentine brands but no idea which is decent or what a fair price is. Thanks
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    Ex-Official Arrested Hiding Bags With Us$ 5-8 Million, Gun

    http://www.buenosair...58-million-gun- Is there any wonder this country is so fucked up.... Anyone who thinks this guy and Baez are alone is smoking crack.. Exterminate these vermin who steal from the people. Incidents like this piss people off and just means even more will avoid paying taxes...
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    Apartment Expenses For Worn Out Blind

    We just renewed a 2 year contract in the same apartment we have been in for more than 3 years and the blind has holes from storm damage and the strap you use to pull it up and down is worn out about to break. The company managing the apartment says we have to pay to get it fixed but surely since...
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    Argentina Holiday Destinations June

    I would like to take a week away with my girlfriend in June - any opinions on nice places? We will be flying out of Buenos Aires. Main interests are nice scenery - not too far away, activities, restaurants etc. Thinking about Villa la Angostura, Puerto Madryn, Calafate - we went to Bariloche...
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    Sol Airlines Bankrupt

    Just announced.. Those of us who flew could see it coming.. I was on a flight and the engines wouldn't start (just 30 minutes after it landed) - total disorganisation. Will be interesting to see what happens - do prices need to come up to make airlines at least profitable? If they can't make...
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    Macbook Pro Repair?

    Has anyone had to try get an apple laptop fixed here under international warranty? I bought a mid 2015 macbook pro in Singapore and after 1 month the screen keeps turning itself off pointing to a logic board failure (just my luck). I spoke to Apple support who told me it is covered under a 1...
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    Currency4Free Exchanges?

    Has anyone used this service to transfer to a bank account in Argentina instead of cash pickup? I don't have a bank account here and I'm getting told that there will be a lot of fees/brutos to receive the money into a salary account. Does anyone know what percentage these fees are and if there...
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    Atm Fees

    Are there any ATM's that don't charge ridiculous fees to withdraw cash? I have a Citibank account and the last time I used an ATM here I remember being charged upwards of $4-5 for every withdrawal which is daylight robbery. What is the current situation now that foreign currency has opened up? I...
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    Cristinas Vision For Argentina

    Cristina and Nestor were always going on about how great Chavez was for the people of Venezuela. Is this what people want Argentina to look like in the near future - it's getting there if this free shit campaign keeps trucking along. For a country that experienced pretty bad economic crises in...
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    Car Insurance

    How much is everyone paying per month in car insurance and what is the premium before the insurance pays??
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    Jewellery Ring Resizing In Ba

    Can someone please recommend a trusted jeweller to resize a 14k white gold ring? It needs to be made a few sizes smaller. A rough price guide would also help. Thanks
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    Welfare In Argentina

    What is the current state of welfare in Argentina? There is a belief that the country hands out money to those lesser off who have children. Is this correct? What are the actual payments and allowances each month that a poor family is entitled to? How much of the budget is allocated to these...
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    Typhoid Vaccine?

    Can someone please tell me where I can get a typhoid vaccine (tifoidea) in BA? Is there any place that will be open on a Saturday that can do it? Thanks